Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Tom Browne is being such a party pooper this trade period. Not only are we not being linked to getting anyone by him, he’s now dismissing any rumours that are linking us to someone.


How does he still manage an afl list whilst being in the closet.


I think it’s likely that a Gaff or Shiel is excited about our vision/future and the way Doddoro is selling it.

This is very early days, still a month away til trade week starts. So if the media communication is that we’re not being considered by a number of players, we need to raise our offers.

The fact that many of those players are Connors Clients, it makes sense that’s Tom Browne is dismissing us connected to anyone.

It’s purely a media game atm and many of the players being talked about, are still playing finals.


Semi crazy mainly due to scribes like him.

Now I don’t mind if people post stuff they see from Nixon or even that ■■■■■■■ whisperer from Twitter but surely we draw the line at text messages sent to SEN???


Because he is trying to hose down the speculation about Parker.

He is our real target, not Sheil or Gaff


You know this, or is this just more speculation based on others speculation?


Sydney would demand two first rounders for Parker. He’s contracted for 3 more years. Would we pay that? I honestly think they’d refuse to trade him even if he wanted out.


I think many will be surprised when Cyril Rioli announces that he’s coming out of retirement to join Essendon.


Tom Harley was pretty firm that he would be traded under no circumstances, but anything goes during trade period.


If he requested out I doubt Sydney would throw a hissy fit. They’d demand his fair price, which is high, then make the best of a bad situation they’d come out winners and so would anyone bringing in Parker.


Your brother?


And that he’ll be donating half of his lotto win to the FlightPlan


Not even speculation, more tongue in cheek


Every player we have reportedly target would demand 2 first rounders. Shiel, Parker, Wingard etc are all worth a lot more than just our first pick.


It amazes me how often people forget that we hold the ultimate trade power-up.


Mate, Ricky Dyson is going to come in handy one of these days you just watch


Jackets just needs to walk in, chuck this on the table, stare at them silently for 15 seconds, then back out of the room doing “jazz hands”.



Yeah hang on - I’ll grab a stamp.
It’ll be with you on Tuesday/Wednesday, latest.


This person mistook Begley for Parker, nothing surer.


Appreciated - but for the record - your family member is linked to Shiel somehow?