Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


So the latest rumour over here is that Wingard came out of Woosha’s house today and they both jumped in his car and drove off.
Apparently this guy lives on Woosha’s street


Grab a dunce hat, and stand in the corner for an hour.


Sounds like a romantic rendezvous.


I think I want Wingard more than Sheil, no idea why, I just kinda do.


Or taking him to an offsite dungeon


they arent mutually exclusive :wink:


Jackets hanging about looking in his dry as a bone smirk.


So did they get in Woosha’s Kia to drive to an Amart Furniture to buy a Fujitsu air conditioner?


Alex Fritzl 94?


Perth or Melbourne house?






So Smack now signed up as well.

Just get the feeling that something has fallen through (or someone has changed their mind), and now we can sign up all these boys.

Also seems like we’ve gone from not wanting to be associated with phantom stories, in order to ensure the player we are targeting that he is our man… to meeting with anyone on an AFL list that has 2 legs and a heartbeat.


Or we have already got who we want for the amount we want and so now can sign up the rest.

As for your last sentence, that is all Blitz and has zero to do with the club.


$10 on who posts next…


Possible… quite possible.

Did I win the $10?




Who have we actually met with?


I have the same sources as humble_nsw_fan.