Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


Saad is worth a second rounder and that’s what we have offered. It’s fair.

Whilst he is contracted there is cultural sensitivity to his request to be traded which they have acknowledged.

It’ll happen. Can’t imagine anyone else is offering more value than pick 29 at present. GC will fold.

If not we have plenty to play with to be able to get both Stringer & Saad.


If Clayton can get 26 somewhere else he’ll hold out for that.


While I think 29 is fair, you can’t blame the Suns for trying to get the best deal possible, especially if Saad is happy to go to any of a number of clubs.

Not sure how the Blues will trump us though - they don’t have a second rounder this year do they? They might offer next year’s and you’d expect that will be lower than ours.


Because Saad is contracted there may still be discussions around his contract.

It may not be just about trade value.


So did anyone in this thread get it right?


I assume GC want 24 (or a 2nd next year) while we want to give them 29 this year


Yeah in a few years probably.


There’s fk all historical/statistical difference in the value of pick 23 and 28. If it makes them feel better pick 23 is really no biggie.


Like I said earlier:

If you were GC, you would want a future pick for Saad.


Approach Adelaide:
29 + Francis for 16 or 18 (expected Cameron compensation)

16 or 18 for Stringer (may need to add 2nd rounder)
24 or future 2nd for Saad


Yeah it’s a little hard to try and predict what they’ll do. Is it something to do with being the top 10-15% highest paid at the new club that determines the compo pick? Or have I just made that up?


They have intimated something like that.
But given themselves plenty of wiggle room.


Saad to come soon but no hope of Stringer imo.


Think theyre offering next years 2nd rounder for kennedy?


We will get both.


Won’t happen. The Bulldogs won’t accept anything we offer. He will end up back there after they come to him with open arms.


Yes they will.


Thanks Adrian :slight_smile:


just dont see how that is possible, club and former coaches have sold him up the river re his work ethic, and his ex girlfriends best mate is at the club, would make for an odd dynamic

just isnt going to happen


No problems Hugh.