Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


I am very confident we will get stringer… but if Dogs act like idiots then so be it. Let Stringer stink it up for a year and then walk to us next year for nothing.

Imagine the cries when we are coming off a premiership, getting stringer for free, still have our first round and 2 second round picks in the ‘super draft’… hello WINNING


Stringer back at the dogs next year ?


Jackets just ran this scenario past me, I told him that I’ll see what Blitz thinks before he goes ahead with it.

And yes, I was drinking heavily last night.

6 club mega trade

Ess out 24,29,47, GWS 2nd round '18 and Francis
Adel out Cameron
Bris out 19, Schache
Dogs out Stringer
Suns out 38, Saad
Rich out 17

Ess in 19, Saad and Stringer
Adel in Francis and GWS 2nd round '18
Bris in 24, 47 and Cameron
Dogs in Schache
Suns in 17
Rich in 29 and 38

Pretty long winded but fair for all.
Essendon give up everything except 66 and get back 19 this year and get the remaining s’s
Crows give up Cameron and get Francis and a second rounder in the SA super draft.
Brisbane swaps Cameron for Schache while upgrading 19 (948pts) for 24&47(1001 pts) for an additional 53 points for Ballenden who is expected to go in the 2nd round. They still maintain picks 1,12,18 this year.
Dogs swap Stringer for Schache.
Suns swap Saad and 38 for 17
Richmond swap 17 (1025 pts) for 29 and 38 (1118 pts) for an additional 93 points to bid on Naish.

let me know if I can give Jackets the all clear for this to go ahead, so I can get back on the cans!


I ran occams razor over it, failed dismally.


I heard everyone was really keen to get Kelly… apparently he is worth like two top 5 picks…

So drag him out of early retirement… and package him up with (j)Merrett (the AA gun midfielder) and that should satisfy the Dogs…

perhaps they could send their 2018 first rounder back to us just to balance it out?

Kelly + Merrett for Stringer + 2018 1st Rounder…

Probably overs, but sometimes you have to give to get.


#24 to GCS for Saad
#28 (points for Naish) and GWS future second (entry in the 2018 SUPERdraft) to Richmond for #17
#17 to Doggies for Stringer.

Would mean out: #11, #28, 2018 third for the three SSS. That would be quality work.


What is the rule regarding maximum point differential on a pick swap?


This is GWS, the rules don’t apply!


What did Conners say re us offering pick 11 to the dogs?


3 x 2nd rounders to GC for Saad and pick 19. Pick 19 to Dogs for Stringer. Done.

If they think he is worth more than 15-20 after his last two years and all his off field baggage then good luck to them.


It think it’s whatever the AFL says, goes.

Considering this happened last year between the Saints and the Hawks:

“Hawthorn last Friday swapped picks 23, 36 and its first pick in next year’s draft for picks 10 and 68.”

Apparently that’s close a 1000 point differential.


I’m just thinking about the next deal for Saad.

If GC feel that a future second could be too late (in the 30s), and insist on our 24 this year…I would just want to ensure that doesn’t jeopardise the pick swap up to a late first rounder.

So, I actually think the next trade should be a three-way, hopefully with Richmond…Having all GC’s picks at that table with Richmond, will help us get just the right amount of point transfer from ESS/GC to shake loose the right pick from RICH that makes everyone happy.




Reply to my own post but pretty happy with gas deal.

Would have been preferring to trade for the suns second next season with Saad but still keeps us with 2nd round trading ammo for Saad and Stringer and opened the door for looking at next year.


How have we not got this… We have 4 second round picks


I was wondering about that. THe Devon trade seemed pretty good to me. So exactly what trades do we have now.



Can we give the Dogs - assuming clubs finish in same position again next year

2017 pick 29 (653) & 2018 29 (653) & GWS 2018 2nd pick 34 (542) = 1848
get Stringer and Dogs 2018 3rd pick 46 (331)
= 1517 or pick 9 equivilant

So Dogs get 3 2nd round picks and give 3rd round back
We give 2017 pick 24 to GC for Saad.

Get all three for 2017 1st and 2nd and 2018 2nd.


No need.
29 and GWS 2018 2nd to Richmond for 15/17, on to Dogs.
24 for Saad.


I think we only give two of those picks to the Dogs. They will probably be stubborn and want all three.

Get Saad with one of the 2nd rounders and either keep the remaining one or use it on the last day to snap up a bargain.