Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


Just had a look at this and there is no mention of the 3rd round pick in 2018. Did we actually give that up or is it a mistake?


I don’t know where you are looking, but the future 3rd round pick is on the official AFL trade tracker.


If we deal a second round pick from this year, I could see GC giving us a later pick back. They aren’t going to be using more than 5 picks. We could very well get 38, maybe even 36.


I like the idea of packaging up our pick 24 and 29 to richmond for pick 15.

Assuming Naish gets a bid around the pick 12 mark as predicted by Twomey, Richmond will use their 17 to get Naish and extra points will only push their next pick 24 (which was ours) to pick 25.

This means Tigers have relevant picks of 25 and 29 to draft some kids.

If they were to hold onto their pick 15 and 17, they would use 15 to get Naish and only have 17 to draft another kid (Pick 51 is their next pick after this batch which I didn’t include because very speculative).

The decision they have to make is would they use pick 17 for drafting a kid other than Naish, or would they rather use pick 25 and 29.


The bit I don’t like about the Saad trade is remembering how hard GC pushed the dawks on O’meara.

Will GC care about their player, or just make him walk if they don’t get what they want, which might be GWS’s 2nd rounder?


So does GC who has a bounty of second rounders.

We should try Brisbane


24+29 for Saad + GC 2018 2nd

2018 1st for stringer


That sounds reasonable. I like lots of second round hits next year.

Only thing is GC has plenty themselves. It’s like selling ice to eskimoes.

Since the academies are pretty ordinary 1st rounders are golden. Richmonds is prob the best bet. Even if we pay overs as they have a good f/s to counter bids for.

Or call the dogs bluff.


Once you look at the fairy dust points this doesn’t actually look as good for GC, puts Saad value in the early 30s. Whatevs


We play for 2018, so trade next years first for Stringer. If 2018 is good, we have the option to trade into the draft with guys like Francis.


Don’t want to give up next years 1st.

One 2nd round for Saad, somehow turn another 2 2nd rounders into something to suffice the Dogs.


On fairy dust 29 and gws 2018 pick two, say 36 is with pick 15 almost exactly. I say that is bullshit though and the tigers would be doing us a massive solid to go for it.


They wouldnt do it. theyve got enough 2nd rounders. Picks 2, 20, 23, 25, 36, 38, 75, 93, 111

Probably best option is a 2018 future 2nd or get a player to them.


Re: Saad.

We want picks in next year’s draft; if we must give one of these up I’d request swap 29 for their 23 as well so we would have a 23 and 24 combo in this draft

I’m greedy, then I’d accept a counter of there 25 so we have 24/25.


2018 2nd second will get it done GC want more picks in next years draft according the AFL site.

Trade wrap: How Dogs dropped the ball on pick 11

Nick Bowen and Nathan Schmook
October 12, 2017 6:35 PM

Greater Western Sydney beat the Western Bulldogs and Gold Coast in the race for Essendon’s No.11 pick when it sent Devon Smith, pick No.24 and its 2018 second-round pick to the Bombers for their coveted first-round pick and 2018 third-round pick.

It was a willing contest for pick No.11 and it’s understood the Bulldogs were in pole position until the 11th hour.

The Dogs appeared poised to secure the Dons’ first pick as part of a deal for contracted forward Jake Stringer that, in addition to some later selection swaps, involved the Bulldogs sending pick No.27 back to Essendon.

But sources close to the proposed deal say it fell apart when the Bulldogs prevaricated, allowing the Giants to pounce.

Can Dons still secure Stringer?

The Bulldogs have been steadfast throughout their negotiations with Essendon that pick No.11 had to be part of any Stringer trade.

However, earlier warnings they would hold Stringer to the final year of his contract, failing such a deal, seemed all bark and no bite.

It’s understood Essendon will not be offering its 2018 first-round pick to the Dogs.

Instead, it will try to satisfy them with two of the four second-round picks it holds over the next two years: Nos.24 and 29 this year, its 2018 second-round pick, GWS’s 2018 second-round pick (secured in the Smith deal)

After the Bulldogs deal fell apart, Essendon moved on to GWS quickly on Thursday morning to make sure it landed one of its three targets.

The Bombers needed to act given the competition for Smith, with St Kilda and Carlton both circling if the talks broke down.

It worked in the Giants’ favour, with the club thrilled to get back into the first round of the NAB AFL Draft.

The other target for which the Dons face genuine competition is Gold Coast half-back Adam Saad.

What are the Bombers offering for Saad?

Essendon’s offer to Gold Coast for Saad on Thursday was either its pick No.29 or its future second-round pick.

It is understood the deal is likely to get done for a future second-round pick, with the Suns well stocked in this year’ draft, holding picks No.20, No.23, No.25 and No.36 in the second round.

The Bombers hold two future second-round picks – their own and the Giants’, which was traded for Devon Smith – with the Suns to push for the Bombers’ as it would be expected to fall earlier.

Essendon list manager Adrian Dodoro was emphatic Saad was worth a second-round pick, but the Suns have pushed for that to fall early in the 20s.

They remained hopeful they’d be able to deal with other clubs, including Carlton, if a fair trade couldn’t be struck with the Bombers, but a deal with Essendon looks likely.


If GC want next years pick then go 2018 2nd + 2017 3rd for Saad and one of GC 2017 2nd.

Gives us 3 second rounders this year.

Use two on stringer.

Essentially we will have used a first and two third rounders to pick up the three players. And still keep a first and two seconds for the draft.

Pull that off Dodorro and I’ll biy you a new jacket.


Jackets surprised us today and will again with the Saad deal which will give us with plenty ammo for Jake hahaha


It’s interesting that we had/have competition for both Smith & Saad, but not for Stringer.

There’s a message in that for the Bulldogs.


Ideally we can trade up for one of RICH’s first rounders.

BUT if RICH don’t want to dilute, then Sidney Bernstein can teach us about another strategy:

What if GEEL can’t pay Stringer as much $$$ as us? Then Stringer really shouldn’t end up there.

THEREFORE, we really should sit down at the GEEL-GC negotiations for Ablett, and see how we can assist that deal, and take GEEL out as a competitor for Stringer by ending up with their first pick.

In doing so, GEEL would be happy to have secured Ablett, and that other player that they were interested in? Can’t even remember his name? What was it?