Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


Geelong is out Dogs refused their pick 20.


Stringer refused their inferior contract


Yeah they still haven’t given up on Watts.


Can’t afford Watts either


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How much difference do you think there will be between GWS’s 2018 second rounder (which we already have) and GC’s 2018 third?

Just contemplating a pick swap to juice up our offer of 29 for Saad…


What about trying on that potential pick swap with Richmond for Pick 17, and offer Pick 29 and one of next years seconds for it. Gets Richmond more skin in the game for next years alleged “Super Draft”. If Richmond want points for Naish however, we would have to do the two from this year to Richmond, and send a future 2nd rounder to Suns. I think the Suns will be difficult and it would be easier to get a straight swap if we handed them 24. We would obviously send 17 to Bulldogs. We would still have the 3rd rounder to have a punt with this year, gain 3 great players, and would be able to keep our 1st and 2nd rounders next year.


about 6 picks maximum I reckon


How about we just say to the bulldogs here is 24, take it or Fark off. 24 is in line with the media 15-20 rating with some downside due to them being ■■■■ heads

We owe them nothing
We owe Stringer nothing - although we would all love to have him

The big thing here is that NO other club wants him. I wonder why?




For saad how about 24 & 29 for 25.


or we just give them 29


#24 for Saad + 2018 3rd round

It’s all about the 2018.


Turn our 2 second rounders this year 24 and 29 into Pick 17 with the Tigers - they care more about points than draft position with Naish in the mix and these picks see them win. Then 17 goes to Dogs for Stringer.

Next we use one of next years 2nd rounders to get Saad. This is a stronger draft meaning the Gold Coast are likely to land a better draft option plus they already have plenty of picks this season - currently they have 6 picks inside 40 with the Ablett trade to come.

This means we have given up our 1st and 2nd this year and our 3rd rounder next year to secure the 3 SSSs.


No need to be complicated. Next year’s extra 2nd rounder for Saad.

We then offer our 2 second rounders this year for Stringer now and let them(dogs) sit on it.

I’m really not sensing we are that desperate on Stringer.

We may have another trade target on our radar…


Tigers would give us something back on that also as pick 24&29 worth about pick 10, overs plus the points would be too far out of what’s allowed.

We could likely get back a 3rd rounder, perhaps a future one since we gave up ours already to GWS.


If Tigers offer something back go for it but its only 400 points off balancing. They might swing back 51 which makes it even closer - only 154 points different.

But I really can’t see the AFL having any issues with the initial swap after they signed off on the Hawthorn deal last year.


IIRC it’s meant to be within 200pts

But if future pick involved they forget about it and can’t really be validated.

I know Hawks did that out of desperation in that trade but I’d expect Dodoro wouldn’t give up so much and get something back.


Happy to give gc 28 and swap our 3rd round for their 4th rounder


2018 2nd? don’t think GC want anymore picks this year.