Trade Targets


Peter Wright, David Swallow, Jack Martin @ GC
Zac Williams, Toby Greene, Coniglio, Shiel @ GWS
Bontempelli @ WBD, they can keep the rest


This is where the list begins & ends IMO.


Swallow has kicked 0.4 this season fits our profile.


If Parish was somehow valued at his top potential rather than a guy who recently got dropped from a struggling side then sure I’d entertain a trade that netted Wines. Can’t see that happening though. Its like the calls to trade Francis - his value is low right now, the ONLY way to get a return is he comes good for us.


eh i think clubs adequately rate players on potential (not just exposed form). look at the filth paying 2nd rounder for that sydney half back last year


Seb Ross.


Apparently there’s talk that Dayne Beams wants to come back to Melbourne and that we’re interested. He’ll be 29 at the start of next year.

He wanted to go home to be with his dying father, who’s now died.

I’d be happy with him.


Where’s this talk come from?


Tom Browne on talking footy last night said we were interested in Beams who wanted to return to Melbourne for family reasons. His partner is due to give birth in a few weeks and wants to be closer to her Melbourne based family apparently. No idea how accurate that report is though.


Beams would be insurmountably good


We have a lack of ink in the team. This would help.


If he didn’t cost too much I’d be interested.


Brisbane would want an arm and a leg one would think.


He’s the inside outside class we sorely lack. Him string and Lang could bully opponents.

Not getting too excited but it’s basically the difference between winning a flag or not


He gets injured a fair bit too.


wont get beams.


Do we have salary cap space?
1 extra quality mid would be handy


if goddard goes at the end of this year, then yes we will


We have salary space, but at his age, given that we won’t be a genuine contender in the next couple of years, I wouldn’t pay a lot. He’d help us to strengthen the midfield short term, but I couldn’t see him helping us win a flag. Or even a prelim.