Trade Targets


Straight swap for Myers


Depends on how much his salary would cost, I’d imagine Brisbane would be paying him quite a bit still (big name signing in a young, bottom of the ladder team, former captain, top 3 player) and how much they’d want in a trade. I’d be reluctant to give them a 2nd rounder, they’d want more.


Has Nino hacked your account?


No mention of a trade being done with a second rounder and a bag of chips so it cant be Nino


I heard the Beams wanting to return was unfounded.


Brisbane said that after it was first reported, probably just to quash the talk.

Now Tom Browne has followed it up a few weeks later. And he’s got direct line to Connors who is Beams manager.

Probably a classical … heavily front ended deal for Beams, now into later part of contract wanting to make more again / partners family wishes.

Contracted injury prone 29yr old star. I’m not sure how we get him outside of shipping off some players because certainly our 1st rounder would be off limits and Brisbane would still want plenty for him.


If North get into the finals would they pay a first rounder and perhaps an old timer who isn’t in their long term plans but might appeal to a young Brisbane team. One would assume they still have plenty of coin left in the cap and would probably like to land a fish.


Nino thinks Wallis is a gun. I don’t.

I do think Beams is a gun. And IIRC he barracked for us as a kid.


They’ll want our 1st rounder for Beams, Really like him but pass if that’s the price.


JDG >>>>> Wines


Beams is a much better fit than Sloane and a better player - Has a perfect mix of inside and outside qualities in his game,


But is Beams > Sloane + (whatever we have to trade to get Beams) ?


Re Beams, if Tom Browne was the one who reported it, it’s 100% come from a player manager with a vested interest.

Bloke is no more a journo than Rita Panahi.


Who is Beams’ manager?


So he is finishing the 4th year of a 5 year 3.5 million dollar contract…The 5th year is probably peanuts money because it has been front ended.

Whats the bet his manager is negotating his contract extension which he wants to upgrade next years coin otherwise he will go to a club that gives him more coin next year…


Seems a little more believable now given the events of today but heard yesterday that Cyril Rioli will request a trade to a WA club. Understand he’s been given indefinite leave from Hawthorn to return home. Not sure what pull if any there is in WA. Any ideas if this might be bullshitt @benfti


Add to that Sam McClure suggests Mitch McGovern wants out to a Vic club after signing a 3 year extension last year. Apparently feels the crows low balled him by saying they had no cap room yet signed Gibbs to a large-ish deal during trade week. Interesting if the exodus at Adelaide continues with him. Why do they keep losing good players? Happened over a long period. Word is Sloane is gone too.


They kept a very strict payment structure apparently. No different to Hawks for example but they all seemingly wanted to stay together for success.

But Crows players jumping at the big $$. Lever. Cameron. Lynch maybe, McGovern maybe.

Guess it helps significantly being a Vic club and less players with any go home factor.


Willie Rioli, Cyril’s Cousin is at West Coast, which would suggest there is likeluy other extended family in WA as well.


Beams is 29 next year, highly injury prone and played his best football 5 years ago. That’s a pass for me.