Trade Targets


If Beams was a Free Agent.

Yes, Yes, YES!

He’s not a Free Agent. So No.


Not to mention premierships.


I can see Hawthorn getting both McGovern brothers, especially if they lose Rioli


Yep that sums it up for me. There’s almost no chance we get him cheaply & there are too many ??? to pay a high price for him.


the idea of that gave me what can only be described as a cerebral aneurysm


You did well to type a response then :smile:


100% we’ll know we’re a shot if we hear the kok start spouting crapola about us again, will lose his cranium, but oh the donations to the flight plan if they pulled this one


It’s so sad but I can’t stop laughing at this
Serenity now


Do you find the name Swallow particularly amusing?

Or are you, like me picturing an giant swallow trying to kick the ball?


Hopefully more and more quality tall players want out leaving the best mids on the market for us to throw everything at while some of the rest dilute there expenditure on the McGovern brothers, Moore, Lynch etc

I dont give one fk about any of the talls available, if we’re giving up something big it needs to be for a under 26 year old established or high potential MIDFIELDER.


Hinkley said Wines is 100% staying


If we’re going to throw the kitchen sink at someone, and assuming that WC will monetarily match anything we can offer for Gaff (so will need to trade for him if he wants to leave), who should we be going for in order of priority?

  1. DeGoey 2. Gaff 3. Wines ?

Would all of them be worth our first-rounder?


And the answer should be tough luck you and your highly paid manager were happy when you signed the contract, honour it. If clubs don’t stand firm, then players will use their contracts as a safety net for bad years, and be back to renegotate if they have a good one.


Agreed. Hearing De Goey is over the line At Collingwood. Will sign an extension very soon.


I don’t think there is much available outside Gaff this year. And I think he will stay, why would he move from a side that is a flag contender unless it’s for big $.

I’d be keen for us to use our first this year. Trade our second (GWS I think) for a better pick next year and take a couple state league kids and indigenous boys.

Then I’d be hitting next year hard. Using both firsts (19/20) and the two seconds (traded and actual) next year to go after another couple of quality players.

Kelly, Shiel, Coniglio from GWS
2mtr Peter, Martin from GCS
Hugh Greenwood Adel
Robbie Grey UFA Port

I’d also be keen to tie up some of our big out of contract players early like Raz and Tippa.


Beams has hit his ceiling…


This would be a shocking precedent. But fitting for today’s generation.


I heard Sloane might be heading home Via Sydney, given his wife may have more opportunities with the tv networks there.


Of course the Crows could go the other way and say ‘You have a contract with us, we will try to honour your wish but it will be to the highest bidder’ and put him up for auction. They could snare some high picks doing it this way. There are quite a few Victorian clubs looking for a foward. They could do a mini rebuild in a ‘super draft’. If St Kilda is the highest bidder he might just decide to stay…


We should have plenty of room when we clean 10 out.