Training Monday 11/2/19

Does he have to buy a round if he wears it in the clubhouse?

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Those stick figures and easy to understand diagrams breaking down complex tactics are the best thing that has happened to BLITZ since forever.

I hope they dont get leaked to FARK CARLTON so they can improve their performance.



Joey x 10



@CharlieDons pls…


Kicking the ball directly out of play behind the point posts is new strategy.

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I think the plan is to bomb it to the pockets…


As I understand from discussion around the rule last year, a player can choose to play on anywhere along the goal line from point post to point post. If they chose to handpass the ball over the line to somebody not in the goal square it would be play on immediately.

Yep. Clubs will be even more conscious of where and when they take shots from to ensure they don’t expose themselves defensively from a quick kick out. Long to a pocket and get a stoppage to set up your zone. Then try to lock it in and force a turnover for easy shot at goal.

Someone is totally gonna throw the ball to a designated kicker from the goalsquare.

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That wasn’t my understanding of it. I think they say the person taking the kick must start from the goalsquare. They can play on immediately after the behind is signalled if the choose or they can wait in which case they get the protection from being in the square as in the past


shouldn’t you be writing a training report nackers?


This is where common sense will need to prevail. It happens in soccer from throw in situations and the ref knows that wasn’t the real “restart”

I could but I feel it would have a greater degree of accuracy if I was actually there


It’s an entirely possible if interpreted it incorrectly, haven’t paid that much attention to be fair.



So the reduced pressure from the man on the mark causes a miss-kick resulting in an out of bounds on the full?


All I know is I’ll be mighty ■■■■■■ off if:

  1. Other teams have put strategies in place to take advantage of the new kick in rule but we still do the 'ol kick to the pocket or bomb it to 55 play.

  2. We haven’t put enough thought into how to defend the new kick in rules and as a result get burned early on in the season by giving away free kicks (50m) for standing in the wrong spot or just simply being burnt and the opposition taking the ball coast-to-coast.

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They’ll get a look at how it plays out in JLT. But it will definitely be a work in progress for the first few rounds.

I did a fake report a few years back. And topically enough I included stick figure pictures.

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