Training Monday 11/2/19

B loody Channel 7 and their camera angles. With these behind-the-sticks, down the ground shots you just can’t tell what’s going on…


This is proper stuff right here.

@moooooo would be proud.

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Simple. Fletcher has a kickout. He hoofs it high enough up in the air from a kickout that the ball’s still in the air when the QT siren sounds. Then it comes down as soon as the next quarter starts, and we have the ball right in our forward goal square. Hence the JD/Stewart/Smack/ZLarke forward line.

(Might go better at the MCG than the dome)

Some other observations:

  • I was disappointed in Long. I know it was a light session but the knock on him being lack of intensity this far into another preseason isn’t great. He’s been there long enough.
  • Jok is a long way off it in terms of disposal, it was also evident that he hasn’t been around the group long enough, he was often just cruising on his own at training rather than getting involved in the banter or having that ‘close mate’ that run around at training together, great size though.
  • The amount of times I saw Mozzie and Tippa running near each other, I think young Moz just gravitates to Walla and it bodes well
  • Bags was doing a lot of goal kicking practice on his own at the start of training. He’s hungry to lock down that defensive forward spot.
  • Stringer and Conor were kicking around with the soccer ball at training, and then Stringer just cruises through training taking random pot shots at goal whenever he gets the chance. Usually gets Hartley trying the same (torpedo from 60). Conor is an angry ■■■■ at training, trains how he plays, bit of mongrel.

Greek Jesus?

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this is blitz folk lore in the making. beautiful.


move over dingus, there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s looking for nino.

I don’t think those plans are from Woosha’ s office…


I leave the country for a couple days weeks months and Blitz becomes more disorderly than Delhi traffic.


So, some simple questions:

  • who determines when play has re-started? Is it like advantage, where it’s the player (except where it’s the umpire)?
  • if I play on before the forwards clear the area, what happens? Does the answer depend on whether I get run down from behind? Does the five metre distance rule apply in this case?
  • does the ball need to be brought over the line or from the square by the player who will “kick out”? At the moment, for example, a team mate can handball/kick/throw the ball to the man in the square - can I “pass” it to anyone <18m out to start play?
  • how long do the forwards have to clear out of the 18m? Will the umpire hold up play? Will there be a set time? Will there be a scoreboard clock?
  • will they just pay fifties, or will guys (not from Hawthorn) get reported for time-wasting when they strategically delay clearing the area?
  • can a defender shepherd the guy “kicking out”? At the moment the umpire generally requires defenders to go away. Will the ump hold up play until defenders clear the area too, even if they have zero involvement in a quick kick out? End result: slower “kickouts”. Yay.

And most importantly of all, has the AFL written the rules yet and provided them to the clubs (other than Hawthorn)?

I could go on… and I would, except it’s a pain to type all that on a phone.


Doesn’t answer all your questions but gives some idea how it’ll work.
You wonder whether a 10m circle line will be needed to mark out the zone?


I am hanging out for todays training reports.

First JLT game only two weeks from tomorrow.

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Expectations for training reports are now:

  • no injuries
  • player names bolded
  • stick figure cartoons of plays

Disappointed there is no mention of the “Nino” rule in those diagrams.

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I think Nino will approve of this :rofl:

From my understanding the player kicking out just has to pass through the goal square. eg - if it bounces of the post for a behind he just grabs it, runs through the square and can play on without even kicking it to himself. There was even talk of each team having a person sit behind the goals with a heap of balls so if somebody kicks a behind and the ball is a little way off they can just toss them a fresh one and off they go.

The main question i have that you also raised is how the other team clears the area if the ball is going to virtually stay in motion a lot of the time. Sounds like a dogs breakfast to me. I hope it’s such a disaster that they just revert back to the old rules after JLT.



I don’t give a rats a$$ if they’re not training yet. I just want a report!!?


What are they having for breakfast? How are they getting to training? Is Stringer going to wear his bucket hat? Has Saad finally shed a few kgs?

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