Training Monday 11/2/19


At a kick in, no longer need to kick to yourself to play on and the man on the mark is double the distance away, 5 to 10m.


Cheers mate


Why has no one done an injury update and reported that Sheil has early onset limb amputation?


Is that Sheil’s Leg on Dyson’s lap?


It’s not possible to “bomb” it to the back pocket from a kick out.


I’ve seen many times where Hurley would just hoof the ball to a pack.


That would be outside 50 though.

Not the pockets.


Do you understand where the back pocket is?


Leg, no.


Excuse my photo shop skills.

View behind the goals with Hurley taking the kick out always kicks it to the left or right to a pack


But the question remains, how do you bomb it to a spot 10 metres away?

and your photoshop skills are better than mine


Could be an extraordinarily high kick.


Hmmmm … true


Could you edit that schematic to reflect the direction you’d like Hurley to kick?


Would probably prefer a hit up lead.




It’s probably that red dot at 4-o-clock


Stop helping.


AKA the riskiest kick in the game.


Has your game plan factored in the new rules?

I like where this is going though.