Training Monday 11/2/19


Hurls’ arms are green. Early onset rigor mortis.

RIP in peace,, #WouldneverhavehappenedhadfunkyTownbeenplaying, etc…


Sorry that’s all the MS paint you get today.


Well, I’m very disappointed.
Very disappointed indeed.
And I know you used MSPaint, anyway.


Impressive how you wrote out hurley’s name, rather than typed it


Was just about to correct it i mean MS paint losl


I’m glad he did. From here it’s looks like McKenna.



This analysis from the AFL site has Hurley being our best at kick-ins to marks.

BJ turned it over the most resulting in goals.

Kick-in specialist: Conor McKenna (77 out of 240, 32.1 per cent)
Who else takes them? Brendon Goddard (61), Michael Hurley (52), Adam Saad (18) Total: 13 players
Do they play on? 96 out of 240 (40 per cent). Who plays on the most? Conor McKenna (36)
Most kick-in marks: Michael Hurley (19)
Where do they go? Left (81), corridor (54), right (104). Long effective (37), short effective (96).
Rushed behinds: 29 (18th)
Scoring opportunities: Inside 50s (37), scores (9.4)

Analysis: The Bombers have tended to share their kick-ins reasonably evenly between Conor McKenna , Brendon Goddard and Michael Hurley . Interestingly, of all McKenna’s kick-ins, only one has directly resulted in a goal for the Bombers. Goddard has generated three goals from his kick-ins, but has seven of them have resulted in goals to the opposition. - Callum Twomey


Classic BJ


Article would have carried a lot more authority if it included nino’s Hurley picture.


Puts your photoshop skills in to perspective :rofl:


This thread has become legendary.


My eyesight is bad and I had trouble making it out too, but I can at least rule out Saad.

With a stick figure like that, it definitely can’t be him.


We should revert back to Fletch’s plan.



I attended a coaching conference last night here in Brisbane where one of the Lions Assistants Coaches was the main speaker. One of the questions was the new kick in rule and he said that he believes that a defensive strategy to stop quick play ons may be to have two men on the mark - one either side of line of the goal square. Attacking wise he thought to get over the back of the zone that a short kick to a teammate inside 50 then a running handball receive and a long kick will be a common tactic.


How is that tactic going to be easier to execute under the new rule than under the old rule?
Are they assuming teams will set up their zones further back so a short kick will be easier?
If there are 2 men on the mark I would imagine they’d make it pretty hard for the kicker to run through and get a handball receive


I am impressed with the quality of the coaching and diagrams on BLITZ today. Really makes the game and tactics easy to understand.


For your question re zones set further back. Yes - that’s the impression I got, however it was 3 minute answer to a question and not a detailed response.
I imagine we will find out when the season starts and see how the Lions setup


Jesus, where was the NSFW warning?



He’s looking very thin, too. Clearly hasnt been able to lift weights cos his wrists are farked.

Season over.