Training Monday 11/2/19


Is that green circle in the middle Adam Saad?


What witchcraft is this?
EVERYONE knows all our kick-outs are 40m to the right by MICHAEL HURLEY!



I assumed Nino just scanned it from the inside cover of one of his school books.


Yep, Hurley took 52 kick ins and 19 of those resulted in a mark.

He gets unfairly criticized at times does Hurls.


Of those 19 how many were short to the “Back Pocket”



Took the question out of my mouth.
In particular short to BJ in the pocket.

So stats - Hurley kicks 19 short to BJ in pocket, 2 long to the left, and 30 odd long to a pack on the right boundary?


Deckham that’s sensational. Do you reckon you put together a set of “Greatest moments in EFC history” drawings? Baker’s spin in '84 … Longy’s run in '93 … the Zacka goal on ANZAC Day … etc

Back to the Hurley discussion, I always found that if he didn’t get the kick off right away then he just bombed it to a point about 60m from goal and about 10m in from the boundary. The painful part being the process:

  • look around and pretend he’s thinking of kicking it to some other point on the field
  • all Essendon talls start drifting towards the point 60m from goal and 10m in from the boundary
  • all Essendon opponents start drifting towards the point 60m from goal and 10m in from the boundary
  • Hurley has one more look around to see if he can think of something else
  • Pretty much the entire team and their opponents have now camped 60m from goal and 10m from the boundary
  • Hurley kicks to a point about 60m from goal and 10m in from the boundary


Are you referring to the “Nino Pocket”?


The greatest tragedy of the Old Blitz data disaster is that my depiction of the Wallis - Hanna bump from the 93 GF is lost forever…


I thought it might have been that new zone thingummy the training observers have reported on.

  1. Nino blows a head gasket. :grin:


11 - and then blames Jackets


…on an anonymous Bombers footy forum.




From what I can gather kicking to 60m out on the boundary is least likely to result in a turnover and goal.

I think most clubs would go to that area if a simple pass to a teammate looked unlikely.




Since we’re talking about it…
Is it play on the moment the player steps out of the square?


You mean bombs to the Nino pocket?