Training Monday 11/2/19


No space on that diagram to write ‘Nino quits Blitz, eschews footy, shaves his head & becomes a wandering ascetic in the Himalayas’.


More of these gameplan diagrams please


Where DJR is at present I believe.
At least he can keep up to date with the VFL news


I won’t believe these until I see them on Woosha’s whiteboard.


I say yes. Rule is the following. Therefore, once you leave the square it should be play on, sans having to bounce it.


  • At kick-ins, a player will no longer need to kick to himself to play on from the goalsquare.
  • Following a behind, the man on the mark will be brought out to 10m from the top of the goalsquare, rather than the existing five metres.


DJR is a Buyer’s Agent scoping out Himalayan caves for Nino? Confirmed.



shiel’s kicking looked very average…

(but 10/10 for saddy)


Disgraceful that walla kicks a point from that distance and angle.


Good planning includes the opposition


From our first JLT?


Hey - don’t blame me!
I just document the things.




True. But I’m always amazed at the lack of innovation around kick ins. At the moment the kicker starts his run up there’s invariably a number of players jogging with their opponents over towards the side of the ground where Joey and Tommy and co are congregating. Why isn’t there a signal from the kicker to let (say) McKenna and Saad know that he’s going to pull the kick to a completely different part of the ground, eg 40 m out and at a 45 degree angle on the opposite side of the ground? McKenna and Saad could then bolt to that spot, leaving their unsuspecting opponents in their wake. It’s not rocket science. Look at the work NFL coaches put into setups. We don’t seem to do ANY of that. It’s just so mindlessly dumb and uninventive.




This illustrates my point precisely.


Is that one titled “Self portrait after finals win”?


Why the close up?
It takes away the perspective.


Must be Andy McGrath, because one arm is bigger than the other.