Training Report: February 4 2019

Training Report: February 4 2019

Bit of a different report today, as the bulk of the players conducted a few drills indoors out of view, and there was apparently some kind of game happening in the US that everyone was interested in.

Overcast morning – quite chilly, and typically Melbourne bi-polar. Only a handful of players out – at around 0930. Hepp and Mutch did a few handball drills on the main oval for about half an hour. And that’s all that happened on Oval1.

On Oval2, we had the Modified Group. Hooksey ran laps, timed, and a few argy-bargy drills with a trainer. Looks like he’s building up his legs again, and also performed some agility manoeuvres.

Good news, folks! Redman is back running. So good to see. Not sprinting, but running unhesitant in straight lines, with boots. Rapt for the kid. Dea and McNiece put in a few km’s around the track, and Joey went through about 30mins of pure goal-kicking practice with a trainer, pausing regularly to discuss technique and method. He did this last week with Skippy, also.

Hepp and Mutch went back inside, and Bags, Francis and Zaka emerged to run laps around Oval2. I’ve watched Francis closely for a while now and the changes in his physique are documented. Today I particularly noticed that he is running much ‘lighter’ than he used to. There’s a spring to his step, and it looks less laboured. After a number of timed laps, he went back in, leaving Zaka and Bags running together for a while. According to Bags, married life is no different to living in sin.

The action today was solely on O2. Gleeson, Smith and Joey were the last players on any ground, performing ball movement paths to goal drills and at times, using full sprints. Smith is as grumpy and edgy as ever, getting upset with every mistake he made. He is also very instructive to the others during training. He has a nice rapport going with McNiece. Gleeks has such good, soft marking hands. Running very well, also.

Well, that’s it for today. Nice to spend more time focussing on just a few players, and also catching up with @nackers and @jackie_mihocek and I think a new member of BomberBlitz…name to be determined :slight_smile:


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At least he’s working on it. Cheers Deck.

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See the other thread.