Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


Thanks mate



Just other notes…sorry I always look at little things and miss complete drills sometimes.

McGrath looks the most confident I have seen him. Moving extremely well and today was kicking with spot on accuracy.

Parish took out the 2nd time trial by some margin… and like above looks ready to announce himself. Very promising to have two young high potential Mids looking as good as they are right now. Our Midfield with adding Shiel and the emergence of Langford(looks great too) really could transform from a weakness to a genuine strength in the competition…great age bracket as well.

Dylan Clarke: Kicking action has improved again this summer…bit more fluency in his action…still a work in progress but not far away.

Gleeson: He noted that he is still a few weeks away from running full pace…looks to join full contact training Mid Feb. Gut feel is he may struggle to play round 1.

Essendon needs more shaded public areas and seats at the ground. I like that they have opened up level 2 to public in the office outside area.

My other gut feeling is Clarke will play some ruck this year…moving really well and did an interesting drill where he tapped the ball down on the wing to rovers but sprinted behind the play down forward to open up a goal square marking option as play was going on…was quicker than I thought. Obvious if he does play they want him to be a scoring double threat…as he was in WA side this year…avg a goal a game.

Heppell is very vocal and if your in his training drill group…you have to compete and do the drill to 100%. Looks an obvious Captain now


lots of emotional stuff in this thread today :cry:

that pic of Hepp hugging Doc Reid sniff


should we now refer to him as Captain Obvious?

Great report - cheers.


Awesome that McGrath and Parish live together now. They both seem to have a very competitive nature.


CJohns just took my Francis hype meter into the stratosphere.


Probably the best post I have read on here for years. Thanks so much for the recount.


Joe looking shorter than the goal posts this year but not by as much as last year. Light tower still has him handily. Makes that Prius look like a golf cart though.


Shiel has would’ve upped the ante for the midfield. Obviously all the boys are rapt here is there. But they have that competitive drive and they wouldn’t want to be overshadowed by him either. But Shiel is also under the pump - he’s come with the hopes of the club and the league to take Essendon to the next level and make us a truely competitive side. He’s going to be driven to make sure he succeeds. This can only be a good thing for the team as everyone lifts.


Farken love this!!!


Cheers for the reports, they’ve been dearly missed! That insight re Francis in particular was really lovely to read.

Shiel will be a huge asset but I’m most excited about the wave of young guns who look primed to smash it this year - Parish, McGrath, Langford, Laverde & Francis.

Any thoughts on how McKenna is looking? I’ve heard in the past that he has a habit of enjoying himself a bit over the Christmas break.

Cheers again. :slight_smile:


Anyone know how Smack is going?


God I wish I was that fat


Looked fit to my eyes but was just on light running duties today


How was the banter level today? A bit more intense?


Any reason why McKenna has been in the rehab group virtually the entire pre-season?


Was solid today.


banter - the Blitzism for 2019