Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


No need to hold back mate. Tell us what you really think.


It’s contagious at our club


Thanks all for the reports, some very encouraging stuff there!

I reckon we need at least 1 of Redman or Gleeson playing for the dynamic of our backline to work at it’s best so it is a pity that both of them are looking hard pressed to be ready for round 1.


Saad being fat is the most confusing thing I have read in a long time. He is an Adonis.


Wow. Amazing work to get that footage. Fk mi.

Not having a go at you @Benny40


It has to be the pisstakes of all pisstakes. Has to be.


Conjunctivitis. Rip


So this is what it feels like to be a troll? Meh.

I was just riffing on the “Stringer returns from off season looking fat” nonsense that was doing the rounds a while back. Saad doesn’t even have bones, he’s just all muscle and tendon. I liked my Brad Hardie call, not sure why that didn’t get any rave notices.


It actually makes me think that Smith has had some sort of injury where he has to regain the strength in his legs or feet to make sudden lateral movements.

This makes sense for Gleeson and Begley, but we don’t know why Dev is needing this type of rehab?


Went to the open session today, was very impressed to say the least.

Special mention to my man Orazio, not only was he absolutely carving it up on the track but the first part of training Raz stuck with the offensive drills whilst the team was split into three different groups changing every 10 minutes from each drill. Raz stayed with forward drills displaying good voice, showing tremendous leadership and teaching the younger boys in particular Begley, Houlahan and Mossie. I genuinely think he is the barometer of our team and if he stays fit we are in for a hell of a year.

Irving Mosquito definitely has a hint of Cyril about him. Very Silky to say the least and deceptively fast. Cannot wait to watch him on the big stage.

Francis is in great nick, looks like a genuine AFL player now and I honestly think he is going to absolutely blow the lid of this year.

Zakka, Mckenna, Smith, Gleeson, Begley, Laverde running laps/modified exercises on Marvel size oval. Everyone looked like they were moving fine, except I noticed that Gleeson didn’t look as agile as the rest.

Special mention to the voice Dyson Heppell who showed great leadership, didn’t shut up all day. Big props

Go Dons.


It’s not rehab necessarily. Changes in direction place heaps more load on your body than straight line running, he probably hasn’t done any for 5 months now. Likely just easing him in to change of direction drills as most players would do at the start of the preseason.


It just means that Terminator Ambrose casually flicked it into 3rd.


I had a feeling Ambrose wouldn’t take too well to all the talk about Joks running ability.

Ambrose might not be the most talented player but he’s got plenty of ticker.


I haven’t given it much thought.
Supposedly Smith did his first full preseason in years/ ever last year even though was recovering from ongoing knee injuries.
Has rarely trained with main group this preseason however pound for pound he’s probably the most skilful, most talented player we have beside Merrett. Not much more he can learn/practice, just maintenance. He was also constantly up there with distance covered so possibly just maintaining peak fitness by not overdoing it and preparing his body by strengthening to not breakdown. Excessive kicking in drills may aggravate his body. Who knows.


He’s always with the modified group at the start of preseason.


He’s too fit and hyper, they need to detune him during the preseason.


Nice Dys, very touching. Great to see Doc at training.


You’re basing this on 9 seconds of footage?


He’s alive