Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


My boy Clarkey.

Top effort.


Awesome to hear Doc Reid was at training.


Good to see he has got the junk out of his eyes.


I know there are rumors about him, but I didn’t realize it was that big.


I won’t lie, I smiled.


dear oh dear


Here is what I call a little moment that barely anyone would of noticed but for me it was significant.

They are doing a drill where you kick from half back down the wing and the ruckmen deliberately taps it to ground. Emphasis is to have your mids ready at the ball in numbers and help clear it to half forward. There is few guys also at half forward looking to time their leads. Jok is one of those guys. The ball gets cleared on the wing followed by a chain of handballs…Jok however slightly mis reads the play and has to double back to have a chance of providing a marking contest…was slightly too late. Normally not much to write about and the we move on. In comes Aaron Francis whom I can hear. He gets his arm around Jok and for 4 mins tells him why it’s important to get himself into certain positions and things to look for as the ball is coming down(in quite some lengthy detail). Conversation is quite long and Aaron again puts his hands on his shoulders and says you can do this!!!

This was after Aaron ran a strong 2km time trial and beat a few notable seniors players. In that one hour I saw the biggest growth of his career and a person that truly now knows what is required but also found a voice that can now encourage others and lead on the field.

I smiled.


Must have tied it down


I know only mids win the Brownlow but I think he could one day do it.

He is a special talent.


fk man, youre gonna make me cry


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JUST IN: @ HawthornFC confirms Tom Mitchell will most likely miss the 2019 season with a broken leg.


I feel awful for Mitchell but happy that the Hawks are down a top player, because they and their ■■■■■■■ supporters are a bunch of ■■■■■.


CJohns, I am not surprised with what you are saying about Aaron. I was surprised, when in one of his VFL first games in 2016 he played full back for part of the game. He was on the best forward and last man in line . Aaron took over the role of general in defence organising the defensive structure vocally and actively, like some kind of Luke Hodge. When it was his turn to leave his man, he read the play perfectly and did so decisively. Special.


You forgot Francis


Made me day Scooter.
Great obveration.


Training reports are now going on the website.

Dey terk err jerbs!!!


How did Jok go after the pep talk?


I didn’t see Hooker at training today, - should we panic ?


He was there but on boxing light duties. Looked fine


Yeh he is promising and keen to learn fast