Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10



What’s the deal with the white guernsey and black sashes?





So Redman did the time trial? That’s got to be a good sign for his ankle


For whatever reason Guelfi was wearing the #27


Yes, but I didn’t see him do anything else other than spend a great deal of time on the bike. I guess its weight bearing to some degree so positive signs for him. There’s no way he will play round 1 based on what Ive seen but hoping to see him him play seniors in the second half.

I was really happy to see Marty Gleeson running laps. Some snap shots at goal on the Marvel oval, it looks like he’s coming along nicely. Once again I dont see how Marty will play seniors in the first half, but I hope I’m wrong.


Great Pics.

Dylan Shiel must have been wondering what the big club announcement / important occasion was with all those people watching training.


Great point, I thought the exact same thing there yesterday and how good he must have felt training in front of all those supporters.

I still pinch myself he chose us, he trained like a star, watched him intently, didn’t see him miss a player by hand or foot, he is all class.

I have it on very good authority from a mate who works at Hawthorn. He is besties with Scully. Shiel was never going to Carlton, and Scully couldn’t believe it when he told him he was coming to us.

To have this guy at our club is a fantastic coup, his training standards are elite and we cant wait to see him play as well :wink:


with the caveat that I don’t have any context to the starting positions or times in that running clip, it is interesting to see Saad in last place.


Was that Saad trailing behind?

Maybe he is a fatty😂




I spoke to Redman after training.
Said he came out of the moonboot this week.
Will resume light training end of next week and hopefully back into full training end of Feb.


That’s great news. A couple of VFL games, then into the AFL by round 3 or 4 and start making a late charge for the Brownlow!


Thank you. You’ve made my day.


Joe Daniher - sorry for the late report but I expected others to write. Towards the end of training Joe worked out on the smaller oval leading and kicking for goal followed by additional running. I couldn’t fault his effort but he was moving very GINGERLY and not at full pace. It looked to me that he was reluctant to bend over and pick up the ball in front of him and he punctuated his activities by pausing for a kind of stretchy squat. Looks a long way off for mine but I’m no expert.


If you were there with Tiffany his groins might have been a bit stiff




RIP Joe.

May be a chance in 2020, if at all.