Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


Who’s the little guy next Harvey?



Alas poor JD we knew him well.

RIP in peace big fella.


Lucky it was only EARLY ONSET


Is it Ricky Dyson??


Dead set the “early onset” joke will never, ever get old. Could you imagine how lucky he was to actually not get full blown OP?? on current diagnosis, he probably would of died

January and he’s basically still cooked by the sounds of it. Wasn’t he close to a finals berth if we made it from people in the know?

I’m pretty concerned about his long term fitness at the moment


Nah, don’t think so.

Ricky isn’t that short or stocky.

This guy has got ink on his arm which Ricky doesn’t.


Having not invested in Panic Dollars earlier I now feel like my mate who passed on Bitcoin and would’ve been at least 300k better off if he hadn’t. jMihocek says JD looks ginger, it’s the Hudsucker Proxy in here!




You’re killing my buz dude


Pretty sure it is Paul Turk our strength and conditioning guy. He also the guy holding the pads in the Hooker boxing picture.

Turk is usually the guy that leads the players through warm ups and the running drills etc.


Yep, that’s who it is!

He’s a stocky little bloke.


He’s cooked no doubt about it.

Will be batling with OP for the rest of his career unfortanley.


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What is wrong with McKenna?


He’s tried explaining it to the fitness staff and doctors a few times, but they can’t understand what he’s saying


So you’re saying it’s OP?


It’s gotta be something like that. He hasn’t done much all pre season, plus the club being silent about it as usual makes me think the worst.


Might explain why Long is training down back this preseason.


Before this all gets silly, I was making a (pretty lame*) joke.

Edit: *sorry.


It makes sense though Wimmera.

Has to be OP! What else could it be!