Training Report - Wed 7th December 2023

The boys trained in perfect weather conditions today.

Rehab/modified/handball group started early today and included McBride, Parish, Cox and Weideman. We suspect that Parish and Weideman had the day off to manage their loads.

Jones, J.Davey and Bryan not sighted. We know Davey has covid, but not sure about the other two. Jones either has covid or he has been put in for surgery on something as he hasn’t been seen for at least a week.

Stewart, Cox and Phillips were inside the Hanger

Lav, Stringer and Caldwell ran laps for most of the session. Stringer is looking much better both running wise and size wise. If he can keep this up and not get injured, he will be right (and fit) come season start.

Wright trained fully, so no injury concerns from Monday.

There we a few additions to the usual list of players, Conforti and Brad Lynch were back training today and two James Hird Academy members in Ryan Eyre and Mohammed Taha (Pic below) also did bits of training. Ryan was wearing 32 his brother’s number (which I thought was funny).

Training involved a lot of kicking without much handballing. Seems a real focus to better our skills both in general play and kicking for goal.

A handball drill was conducted late in the session.

There was a point where Kelly was taken away from the main group with a coach and worked on gathering the ball and moving quicker to kick the ball back, instead of holding it and slowing play up. An example of having move development coaches being able to work on player weakness.

A few of us commented how more coordinated Draper is looking with his ball drop/kicking and moving and ball from hand to hand for a kick, fend or handball. He is looking great.

Walla continues to work hard and his fitness is pretty good. So much better than last year.

Tsatas does a few things where you go wow that’s why you’re in the best 5 players in the draft. His clean hands are a stand out.

Munkara didn’t do a lot of the main training and spent time with Taha and Eyre kicking for goal and doing some running on the other oval. I must say his fitness is nowhere near the level of AFL or probably VFL. But he is a longer term project and will learn a lot in 2023 of what it takes to make it at the level.

Overall, a pretty positive session (hard to be too critical until match practice starts). But I can’t say I see a game plan they are working on, but the feeling is Scott is just observing what his has and the game plan will be implemented in training starting January.

The boys have their last session on the 16th December and back 7th of Jan. (3 week mandatory AFL PA break)



nice report thank you.

Who are the more vocal ones on the track? Does Zerrett look like he could command the whole team?

Excellent report, mate :star::star::star::star::star:

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I swear, I thought those photos were of Massimo, Menzie & Munkara.

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Can’t say he is commanding more a driver of standards. Redman is vocal so is Hind and Kelly. But we are generally a quiet group. Once match play starts we should see more directional voice

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Did they take Montgomerie with them? His highlight video was excruciating on that front.


Now that’s more like it. He’s not in many people’s best 22 because he’s way too slow with the ball. If he can be quicker, he’ll be a handy medium defender.


Can’t say they did

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Nice report @All-Star_Bomber_18 thanks!


Really don’t want to post a new thread from today’s session as others do it better but a couple of things:
Draper - skills improved immensely
Munkara - possibly best kick at club
Walla - keeping up in running
Tsatas - 100pc jet
Wright - moving fine. No injury concerns



How has Reid, Perkins and Massimo looked?

What jet things did Tsatas do?

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All 3 looked great to me.

I’ll post vision of Tsatas on Twitter later.





I was also out there today.
Things I noticed:

  1. Lots of coaches, 11 at first count.
  2. A few missing. Parish, Jones, Stewart, Weideman, Phillips, Cox.
  3. Setterfield wearing 49.
  4. Eyre’s younger brother in 32, and another academy kid in 36.
  5. Laverde, Stringer running laps, with a few others joining them at different stages.

As a novice training viewer, the difference I noticed was that there was so much going on!
Groups everywhere and mixed.
Previously it used to be seniors together and fringe players separately. Not today.

There was lots of goal kicking practice at various stages.

Normally I found watching training as quite dull, but was thoroughly enjoying watching the various things happening all over the place. Was there 90 mins, they were still going full on when I left.

The feeling I got was players are also enjoying the training. Very vocal.


regarding goal kicking - did you notice if they were going through a set process with their kicking - like Matty Lloyd?

And if they were doing repetitions of the same shot?

How much coaching feedback were they getting?

basically wondering how systematic the goal kicking practice was

edit - thanks for excellent report

Groups of players are spread around say a 30m arc with a cut out man on the mark and they have about 3 shots each between drills and then change spots for the next time they do goal kicking.

I suspect they work on techniques and routines inside the hanger with the coaches and then come training day they go out and practice it.


that’s encouraging

Hooray again. Skills practice and goal kicking practise. :clap::clap: