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Arrived in Prague this arvo to a 37 degree day after a very pleasant drove from Berlin. Prague is still just as beautiful as I remembered it. Has been far too long since the last visit. Only 2 nights here before heading to Vienna via Cesky Krumlov and Mathausen


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I’m thinking of taking a six week tour of the UK and Europe in Sept 19. It will be me and my two kids (who will be 15 and 13). While there is heaps I would like I am worried the kids may get Castle/Museum overload. Would be grateful for any advice from people with this sort of experience.


Anyone here been to Orlando/Miami? Outside of Disneyworld, are there any MUST see/do’s? WIll probably have a week there in January.


PM Tinhill.


Anyone done any cruises through the Panama Canal? I’d rather bypass the USA while that ■■■■ is in power, but most of them seem to go from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale. Some do Cozumel and Acapulco at the start and end points.

Cartagena in Colombia is said to be a great place to visit. Wouldn’t want to miss that. Some cruises seem to go through the Canal and then come straight back the other way…say Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale. Could alway drop in and see if Travis McGee is still on his houseboat, The Busted Flush, but seeing all the Travis McGee books were written in the 60s and 70s, maybe not. The fact that he’s a fictional character might be against that too.

Most of the US-based ones seem to be 10-13 days. Not sure I could handle cruises too much longer than that. 20 days maybe.


Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral on the Atlantic Coast.
Down the Keys might be a go. Trips into the Everglades on an airboat.
Art deco sights in South Beach.

I’ve done a tour of Florida (back in '94) but we only finished in Miami (airport).

We started in Orlando (yeah…just the theme parks)
Tampa/St Pete
Port of the Everglades
then a couple of days in Key West (breaks on Key Largo and Marathon)


yes, was in Orlando last month. I think the best thing in the area is NASA at Cape Canaveral. It is a full day’s worth of visiting. Can get a bus tour to take you there, or of course, drive.
There are theme parks in Orlando of course, but not much for grown-ups.


Groovy, Im big on nature stuff so parks and beaches and that. Kids will want to do Disney and I reckon Cape Canaveral for sure.


Take your tropical strength Aerogard. Mosquitoes are as big as pigeons, but maybe not such an issue in January.

If you’re big on nature, the Everglades is a must, but find out a bit about it before you go. The Army Corps of Engineers all but destroyed the whole ecology when they built one of those roads crossing Florida from East to West…either the Tamiami Trail or Alligator Alley. They had to put culverts under the road to allow drainage because the Everglades is said to be a river (of grass) with an incredibly small gradient.


Cape Canaveral?


Will you be doing a bus tour or are you going to be touring around just the 3 of you ?

Unfortunately most of Europe and UK have many churches and castles and museums. Perhaps after you’ve seen what you want to see, ask your kids what they would like to do and see. That way you all get to do and see what you want. Don’t know what parts of the UK you will be in, but reckon your kids would enjoy a day at Alton Towers (amusement park) it’s in Stoke on Trent.

If you are doing a bus tour, they do give free time, so after seeing the sights,your kids can choose what they would like to do.

Hope that helps a bit.:slightly_smiling_face:


First thing I saw when I got into Hanoi was a woman ■■■■ behind a car just around the corner from the backpackers.

Whole place was a bit like that (mind you I’d had about 3 hrs sleep in 48 hours). It’s the more culturally interesting than HCM but a lot grimier.
Awesome stuff around Hanoi tho. Highly recommend getting up into the hills, very different feel.


I am expecting it to be grimier, have read the car/bike fumes can be real crap.




Wifey and I were there last year. Outside of the theme parks Orlando is pretty bland. We did Universal which was fun, and Epcot which is incredibly overrated.

Miami is cool. Try some Cuban food is Little Havana and definitely check out South Beach, if only to people watch and check out the art deco buildings. Hire a car and drive down the Keys (stay a day or two if possible). And for something different check out the Coral Castle in Homestead, about 20 mins South of Miami.

And an everglades airboat tour is a must. Whizzing around on those things is great fun.


Awesome mate cheers.


Heading to Japan for three weeks next April with wife & 15 YO daughter. Have bought flights into Tokyo & out of Osaka on JAL. Also booked an 8 day hike (only 4.5 days actual walking) on Nakahechi route of Kumano Kodo pilgrimage south of Osaka / Kyoto.

We will have about 10 days before the hike and a day or two after, so real keen to hear advice on what to see / where to go. @JohnRain? @mrjez?

Its early days, but as a rough outline I was thinking a few days in Tokyo (is Shinjuku the best base?), then maybe a day walk on the Nakasendo Trail on the way to Kyoto. A bit of time exploring the Kii Peninsula (Koyasan? Nara?) before the hike, then finish in Osaka. Make sense?


Sounds fantastic. Despite living in Osaka I’ve never explored Kumano Kodo/Nakahechi, but have always wanted to.
Make sure you give Kyoto a good two or three days, the sites are stunning and plentiful.
A day in Nara is great and easy to manage, as really you just wanna take in the park area with the deer and Todai-ji. Koyasan is great too, many like to try staying at a Buddhist lodging then wake up super early for prayer and to walk the cemetery forest area in the cool mist of morning with no one around. I’ve never tried that, but have done a few day trips and it’s well worth it.


Great, thanks. Sounds like I’m on the right track. What did you do in Osaka?