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I’m scratching ‘wagyu’ dishes off my list when you visit Tokyo, Hoffy. :grin:


Another night at Forres before hitting the road the next morning to the far north of Scotland. My wife’s Grandmother was born at John O’Groats which is pretty much the most Northerly point of the mainland. There is literally nothing in the town and nothing remains of the house she lived in but we had lunch at the local and there was some sort of local show on which had some pipers and local musicians


Oh no, don’t! I used to travel a bit and the vego meal was safest option (especially when travelling thru Asia). Now, bring on the cow!


We had booked accommodation at a rural B&B at Lochinver which was about a 4hr drive away along some stunning coastal roads and plenty of 1 lane “roads” and I use the term loosely. Every 50-100m there were little overtaking bays were you can avoid the oncoming vehicles. I was glad we had an automatic vehicle as it was very hilly and windy and a lot of stop starting.



Are you heading over to the west coast?


The B&B was a gorgeous little cottage that was well maintained and in a very secluded area. It was fully self contained and very cosy and at night you could hear a pin drop whilst lying in bed and gazing at the stars. Our host baked some bread for us and supplied fresh milk and homemade yoghurt and spreads for breakfast. At around $110 a night it was fantastic value and I’d definitely return one day


We had 2 nights at the B&B and as we had a substantially long drive to Edinburgh coming up we basically had a relaxation day and went for a walk followed by some small drives to some neighboring villages. Thoroughly enjoyed the highland air aswell as the peace and quiet


Nearly a full days drive down to Edinburgh with a stop at Loch Ness along the way. We encountered plenty of caravans along the way which held us up quite a bit so with lunch and a few stops along the way we arrived into Edinburgh in the early evening which coincided with peak hour. We chose an apartment right in the middle of the city so we could be close to the action. Unfortunately the area we were in had no parking so had to drop off the luggage and park about 2km down the road in a garage. It was festival time and the city was hectic but we were expecting it. Dinner and a fairly early night as the following evening we were booked in for the Military Tattoo which was the crown jewel of our trip.


Edinburgh is such a beautiful city but this was our first time there at this time of the year and it was just packed. Went for a walk around the city and had a few beers whilst soaking up the atmosphere.


For our once in a lifetime visit to the Military tattoo we decided to splash out and book a package deal. We had to meet up near the castle at 6pm where we were escorted through the crowds and into “The Whisky Experience” for dinner. We were seated in tables of 10 in an exclusive dining room and served a 3 course meal of Scottish produce and before each course we were given a whisky to go with it. Bottles of red and white wines were also included. The meals weren’t really to my liking as each course had 3-4 set samples and I only had 2 entree samples and 2 of the mains. The desert was great but all were very small portions. The whisky and the wines were great as was the people we were seated with. Coffee and sweets to round of the dinner before doing a quick escorted tour of the worlds largest whisky collection. Over 3,300 bottles of whisky!
We were then escorted to our seats which were in the absolute prime location and I was glad we shelled out the extra money. The show was absolutely stunning and one of the best events I’ve ever been to. I would love to go back one day I enjoyed it that much.


Worlds largest collection of Scotch Whisky


Military Tattoo.
These photos really don’t do it justice. Just stunning!!


You mean you just wanted to be served first, right.
(One of the few benefits we vegies get and now you flesh eaters have twigged.)
Should require an affidavit and references before they give the opposition our food!


No, I didn’t care if I was served first or last but I did care the times I got really sick from eating unidentifed ‘meat’ dishes. Never got sick once I changed to vego. Choice was easy. I do sympathise with you legit vegos, it must be annoying have interlopers like me.


No probs, you’re a legit vego when you’re airborne, which is better than most. Just have to work on the ground level options.


Where’s the chili sauce for the haggis bonbon?


Off to the side in a little dish. My wife wouldn’t eat the Haggis so I gladly obliged.
I actually don’t mind it


JAL or ANA for domestic flights?

I need checked luggage.


Not sure the checked luggage policies but I consider ANA the better airline. JAL is fine though.


Both are fine. Are you a member of any FF program?