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If you have time and patience go to the Jiankou section. I loved Mutianyu but most of it isn’t original just like Badaling.
Jiankou is untouched and traverses some brilliant scenery. If you like hiking it’s also pretty decent. No facilities out there at all so take your own water and snacks but you will have the place mostly to yourself


My photos linked to above was Mutianyu. As can be seen, we had it largely to ourselves.


I was in Qui Nhon for work last week - think it’s the same place you’re talking about. About a 1/3 of the way up. I can recommend a very good local seafood restaurant that my local colleagues took me too - otherwise not a whole lot to report.

I first went to Vietnam in 2007. HCMC is hardly recognisable now from how it looked then. So much development has gone on. Food has changed from local street stalls to heaps of quality restaurants.


German band playing behind chicken wire in the English Garden. Reminded me of that Blues Brothers scene. They were wearing lederhosen so Cowhide would have been appropriate.

I’ll say it again German beer gardens are superb. Another glorious sunny day. Huge number of tables with a friendly mix of young and old, families, and solo farts like me.


nup - weather was too nice to spend indoors. One day if I return I’ll have to check out the museums. Did pop into a few of the main churches. While I’ve seen plenty, their grandeur still leaves one wondering.

And for dinner it was Baked Zucchini Blossoms in japanese Tempura dough, filled with vegetable-ricotta-cheese-cream. With field salad and cherry tomatoes. It was good. Salsa was tasty.

And a raspberry cake (I think- lost in translation) with an espresso to finish.


Used to go there a few times a year on business when the Shah ruled supreme.

I loved the place, the people and the food. Tehran had some great sites, Shiraz has a fabulous garden and outside of Tehran are some nice ski-fields.

Have not been back since the Shah got what he deserved, but have friends who stayed who reckon life now is very good again after some dark years, and we are planning a visit next year.


Friends of mine visiting Toyko sent me this photo. Is it really the Golden Turd ?


It is Asahi HQ:



Looks even more like a turd from that angle. Reckon it would look really good on a Carlscum jumper, maybe Ashai could sponsor them.


Im not looking for anything in the party mold.
Actually, the quieter the better.


Thanks Bacchusfox


I’ll track down the name of the restaurant and let you know. It was really good to be the only non local dining. Here’s a little taste.

Edit - this is the restaurant -


A couple of days in Phuket now. Have a nice little quiet place in Karon Beach where we stay. Pool bar has cocktails and spirits for $8 but 2 for 1’s between 4-6 so needless to say we had to sample a few


Thanks mate.
Look’s right up my alley. If I make it there, will report back.


Look forward to hearing how you find it. I managed to ate something there I hadn’t had before - jellyfish. Very interesting. Not much taste and but a very different texture to anything I had tried before given it was smooth on the outside with a crunchy middle.


QANTAS lounge in Heathrow term 3 is very nice. Gets crowded however. Not big enough for their membership.


And that is a problem with Qantas lounges the world over. It’s better than being out in the cold with the hoi polloi, but not much


Thanks for the info!

How about Noosa? Should we expect the same weather around late December/early Jan? I have seen that it’s currently getting smashed in the weather now!


SEQ usually cops it too, but it’s generally not as hot and humid as up this way.


Yeah, Qantas lounges have become way too crowded. Singapore even turns some passengers away at times. Cathay First lounge at Heathrow T3 is your best lounge by a mile if you are QF Platinum.