Travel Thread


Coming to the end of another week in Beijing. Luckily the first few days had blue skies - the wind blew all the smog to Japan. So great conditions to visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu. Visibility severely restricted today.

A year ago when I was here, Beijing’s tallest building seemed about half finished - it’s completed now.

Off to Zhengzhou tomorrow by fast train.


Are you staying in Zhengzhou?
Pretty interesting place to spend a couple of days but many tourists bypass it.




Yes. Third time in Z-z. Then going to Nanyang, which I suspect few BBers have hear of, let alone visited. I will let you know if there is a good reason for that :wink:


What takes you to Nanyang?
Have done a fair bit of travel in the Henan province and have actually stayed a night in Nanyang at the Oriental Hyat. A little bit old and tired but for memory I think we paid about $30 for the night and was more than comfortable enough. Are you visiting Kaifeng or the Longmen caves whilst in the area? Both only about 35 minutes from Zhengzhou by HSR.


:slight_smile: Are there any places in the world that you do not have expert knowledge about?

This trip is about business, so no sight seeing unfortunately.


Plenty of places I haven’t been still and have very little personal experience with. Have actually done stuff all travelling that involves flying East from Australia ie North and South America or the Pacific. Majority of of my travel has been to Europe, the ME and Asia and it helps having lived in Europe for a stint.
We try to get to China every year for a couple of weeks and despite travelling there heaps we have barely scratched the surface. We pretty much work to find our travel habits these days


Ain’t that the truth


We did that on our honeymoon, loved it!


My brother and sister in law went to Uluru early October for 5 days, he told me about a dinner they had under the stars, reckon it was this.

They both said it was a great experience and really enjoyed their time there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking at doing a USA trip in March/April of 2020 for 4/5 weeks. My boys will be 14, 12 and 8 then. Planning on it being a sports and theme park oriented trip going to SAN Francisco, LA, Vegas and SAN Diego. Has anyone done something similar or can offer any advice? Any help greatly appreciated.


Yes, advice is don’t get shot by some gun toting red neck slack jawed Trump loving white trailer trash


Would love to do something similar but reckon it would have to be in October as I want to see all 4 major US sports.
Apparently in LA week it was the first time ever all 5 of the codes played on the same day in the same city.

  • Dodgers
  • Lakers
  • Rams
  • Kings
  • Galaxy

My best bit of advice with kids would be to book a flight with a stopover if going in economy


Qantas have a Premium Companion sale on now. Best value is $4k return in business from MEL/SYD to Santiago or Perth to Johannesburg. A few other decent offerings aswell in PE


Saw that. None suited for the near future.


Anyone flown to China at short notice (6 days) on an Aussie passport?

It looks like they have 3 and 6 day ‘no visa required’ but you need to be going to a third country.

How quick can a visa be supplied, or am i dreaming I can get it done?


Ask a travel agent, they have express service. Six days might be pushing it.


Definitely need to be going to a third country for those visas ie a return flight to Australia doesn’t cut it. How long do you plan to stay in China and have you booked flights yet?
My father lives only about an hour from Canberra so when we want to go I overnight mail the documents to him and he goes in person to the Chinese embassy and it’s always done in about 3-4 days.
Don’t go on one of those special visas unless you plan to stay in the 1 city


Speaking of China. Hainan Airlines have some ripping fares ATM. Melbourne to Paris economy for $900 or business for $3200. Flights go via Xi’an so with a tourist visa you can visit the Terracotta warriors. Their aircraft are very comfortable and whilst English isn’t their strong point the staff will bend over backwards for you and the food has been superb on flights we have taken with them. They are in the Virgin alliance so earn points and status credits for the leg between Australia and China. For just over $3k to Europe it’s a great deal


It’s probably just 1- 2 nights for a 2 day meeting

I don’t have a ticket booked yet.

If I’m correct I could do
Mel-shanghai-Singapore-Melbourne and travel without a visa. And just get the 72 or 144 hour visa at the airport?

Seems too hard, maybe I’ll leave it for now.