Travel Thread


Yeah, only one more sleep until Santa comes.


That’s them, we’ve still got the complimentary t shirts with the same logo. All I can say is they were great 10
Years ago…but then so we’re the Packers.


The Red Fort is worth a visit in Agra


Parts of it have been (past tense), but it seems they won’t be applying the mudpack to the main dome until after I’ve been and gone. Definitely something I researched before settling on this trip!


You made me get out the photo album and you’re right. Elegant scalloped columns and carefully manicured hedges and the gorgeous Pearl Mosque. We’ve got it labelled as the Agra Fort but it’s definitely red.
The mind might falter but Blitz corrects…sometimes.


That’s a shame. I’d go back to Nepal in a heartbeat. Just been the once - did the Annapurna Sanctuary trek out of Pokhara, which takes you deep into the mountains without the massive altitude gain of the Everest area. Highly recommended.

In Kathmandu, make sure you visit Bhaktapur - a day trip is enough, though I reckon it could make a good alternative base to the usual Thamel area.

We are likely to visit Sri Lanka for the 1st time in about 12 months, so keen to piggyback on any advice.


Hi @Darli

I am very well networked amongst the AFL community up here, and have impeccable sauces.

Have a great Christmas.




Quy Nhon.
Great place, lovely people, amazing food.
Above are just a few pics.
Uncle Ho.
View from hotel.
Dinner with teachers.
Lunch with students.
Lunch with Rector.
So many more great times there. Watched the first Asian cup final with teachers at a local place. The city went crazy after and it was only a draw. (Was in Hanoi for the final, massive night that one)
Top Pub on the beach road followed by beers on the street with the locals behind Uncle Ho’s memorial was a nightly.
It’s great work if you can get it :grin:
Have to go back there, and Dalat in April and then August 2019, then cross my fingers DVET will agree to a new batch.
7 flights in 17 days was a bit of a killer.


You too my friend. Keep your ears open :santa:


Melbourne Virgin lounge a bit of a zoo this morning, kids everywhere


Try the Rooters lounge.


■■■■ cruises suck


Last bit of “snow” at Thredbo for the year. Good day for a gentle hike though


Singapore would be grouse for kids. Avoid peak hour though, the locals will happily steamroll through you at the train stations.


Clarke Quay is up near their casino. It feels like Chapel St or Southbank.
Very concrete, very flashy, very expensive.

And yes the food halls are spotted around the joint. That’s where most of the locals seem to eat. Better food, more genuine and much much cheaper.

The Chinatown is kinda half gentrified version of a hawker food hall. A little bit touristy but still very very good.

Their train system is amazing. Everything’s in English. Cheap. Fast. Reliable.
100% do that.


We did about 2 weeks around rajasthan (wrong direction): delhi, Jaipur, udaipur, agra, pushkar, Jodhpur, a huge big wildlife park, and I’m forgetting something, back to delhi. Then tacked Mumbai on the end.
They were all good, but we were all templed and forted and buddhad out by the end of the tour.

definitely do the Taj Mahal, but get out of Agra as soon as you can after that cos the rest of agra is poopy

Consider going veg while you’re there. I got sick eating meat, Mrs P went veg and was fine.

You could spend months there without scratching the surface.
In hindsight I wish we’d gone down to Goa & Kerala. And also up into the mountains. And…


South India is nothing like the North is nearly every aspect - people, geography, pace of life, food. Makes for a much more relaxed time as a tourist.


A day at Sentosa island with the kids and they will love you forever. Make sure you stay for the laser show at dusk.


Any chance of a tour including Egypt just went pear shaped. I’ve been to regions where civil unrest was occurring but if they’re actively targeting tourist buses that’s it. According to the article it’s the third fatal bus attack in a few months. It would probably be safer to freewheel as we usually do but our kids would go bananas if we did. I reckon we were about a week away from booking if there’d been a spot left. Probably be quite a few spots opening up now. Such a shame for all sorts of reasons, least of all selfish ones.