Travel Thread


Probably very low risk in truth, but not worth ruining your trip through worry.
Would you still look at Jordan / Israel? People speak highly of Iran for a visit.


Unless you are confident of travelling solo or with family I’d definitely recommend a group tour if it involves Israel. The whole visa thing can still be a PITA without a fair bit of planning.
We are currently planning a trip to Oman and the UAE with potentially Yemen next year and had hoped to do a side trip to Egypt but the wife wasn’t keen on the Egypt idea even before these latest dramas. Doubt I’ve got any hope now.


The trip we were looking at was Egypt Jordan but I’ve heard the Jordan Israel combo is good. Not sure at present, Egypt was the lure.
I’ve been pushing for Iran ever since Ben Groundwater in the Age started highlighting it but my better half put her foot down long ago and said that’s fine for him, he’s not a woman, and it’s hard to argue with that.


Perhaps something closer to home then…


Which bit, or just all of it?


She’s not keen on Egypt but is considering a trip to country in the midst of a civil war???


I live in Balnarring near three camping/caravan grounds and deadset the same people arrive each year and many literally hang round till they get kicked out in March. We know an aging couple who live in nearby Somerville and drive home every day to water the garden and feed the dog, which is banned from the camping grounds.


Hence the word potentially. I have been researching it for awhile and have been hoping for a change in situation but I just don’t see things changing anytime soon unfortunately.
I think we will eventually fly into Muscat and just do Oman and the UAE and fly out of Dubai or Abu Dhabi.


Reckon Egypt is fine to visit, lots to see, just normal security stuff, it is quiet on nasty stuff at present.

Been to Muscat and Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and reckon Iran is much more interesting, pity about Iraq still being a mess, as it had some wonderful sites.


We have been to Muscat, Dubai and Abu Dhabi before but I was looking at getting away from the cities and spending some time along the Gulf and make our way to the Musandam Peninsula. At this stage nothing in concrete yet but I have a couple of options just depending on any flight sales. I’ve got 4-6 weeks at the EOY that we are tossing up between the US/Canada or Scandinavia and I will have 4 other weeks to spread out during the remainder of the year which I’m looking at the Oman/UAE trip for 2 of those weeks.


After only a small Bali trip in 2018 I have arrange a couple of really exciting trips for 2019.

Going to Hong Kong for 10 days in January. Can’t wait. Never been so super keen for the food and culture experience, not to mention happy valley and Disney land.

We are heading to Amsterdam in September for a week and 3 weeks in Italy also. Got super cheap flits with Qatar.

Any suggestions on must do’s in HK, Amsterdam or Italy as I am a virgin for all three.


Any kids in tow?
Disneyland and Ocean Park are a must for kids or even without them.
Go down to the Stanley markets and even stop off at Repulse Bay for a swim. The Stanley promenade has some great cafes and restaurants and the bus ride down there is worth it. Take Bus number 6 back for a better view. Try to get to Happy Valley for an evening race meeting. Visit the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping, fantastic cablecar ride up there and for something different take the bus down to Tai’O which is a small fishing village and have lunch and then catch the ferry back to the city. If you have a day or two spare head to Macau if that interests you. Plenty of good eateries and shopping in HK and so much to do. As for Italy I’d concentrate on a area rather than trying to squeeze too much in and personally I prefer to drive so a car rental is a great way to see the sights. Do you have any idea on what you want to see?



Yeah we are taking an 11 year old to both. Staying at Disneyland for a couple of nights.

We are committed to Rome for 5 nights but other than that we have a blank canvas in Italy.

I am thinking of training to Florence for 4-5 nights, training to Venice for 4-5 nights and then drive over to cinque terra / portofino for the remainder and fly back from Milan.

I think we will just do the touristy things tbh, given it is our first time but keen to get some insight from those that have been before


Can I suggest, if possible, to fly into Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, and take the speedboat ride to Venice. It is a magnificent way to start the trip, with Venice appearing out of the mist like some magical place. We stayed at the Hotel Rialto, old and well worn, but nice rooms and right on the Grand Canal. Try for six days as much to see and islands to explore.

Then train to Milano, we stayed out of the City in a small village, nice hotel, lovely people and quick train ride into Milano for touristy stuff, like climbing to the roof of the Cathedral. Couple days will do it with perhaps a side trip to Lake Como.

Then train to Florence for three days tops. I didn’t like Florence so much as my companions, but nice places out of Town to see. Others may disagree, interesting to hear Aceman on this.

Then end this trip in Rome, for as long as you can. There is so much to see, and lots of great tourist bus options. Many of the larger hotels have continuous shuttle buses, but there are many hotels in centre of Rome that are reasonable in price with great service. Just be extra careful with pickpockets and over-friendly groups of people, petty crime is high and your wallet is gone before you know it, even for experienced travellers.

Maybe Southern and Central Italy another time.

Italy is just about Mrs Fox and I favorite place to visit, I would seriously consider retiring there and may just do it.


Never mind. See the question is answered already.


Does the boat to Venice leave from Rome or do you travel to the east coast?


The boat he is referring to is a water taxi from the Venice Airport (Marco Polo airport) to the city. Great way to arrive into Venice. If you are coming from Amsterdam then I’d fly direct from there to Venice


shes used to the ongoing war between ace and his tv.


She doesn’t know or hear anything about Yemen otherwise it would have been crossed off ages ago. I was hoping for a change of situation over there but it’s just not happening so I will have to move on


Sorry got my Airports mixed. Aceman is correct, Venice Airport is Marco Polo Airport and the water taxi is fantastic fun.

So fly into Marco Polo, turn left as you come out of baggage collection, and you will see the sign to the water taxi. These are big wooden speedboats, and there will be a young Italian bloke in a blue and white striped shirt who will lift you and your bags into the boat. Mrs Fox still has hot flushes about him, and he looked pretty good to me as well.

It is a very special way to get to Venice, the train is for leaving Venice.

We love Venice, and especially a gondola ride and dinner at a Restuarant on the Grand Canal.