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I’ve used 1cover for a long time. Hadn’t claimed till a snake bit me in Hua Hin in December. They paid up direct to the hospital the next day, took a few calls to grease the wheels, but they paid up, so all good.


Who was the snake insured with?
Seriously, what happened, this I want to know about. What sort of snake was it? And where was it? How sick did you get?


The snake was uninsured. I actually posted in this thread from hospital at the time so l wont bore people again with much detail.Kept me in icu overnight as they were worried it was a viper, but after blood tests every 6 hrs for 24 hrs l was given the all clear. It cost a bit over $2000 for the night and insurance paid up, so all good.


Originally wifey and I had planned to do a Europe trip this year, but due to some unforeseen expenses we’ve had to nix those plans. Instead we’ll take advantage of the free return flights to Japan on Jetstar. $320 return is unbeatable.

Tokyo here we come. Thinking of maybe heading up to Hokkaido for a week or so and having a look, with possibly a few days around Nikko too.


Just arranged 16 nights in Iran next Nov/Dec.

Hope now that the POTUS moron doesn’t start a war.


They were also offering the free economy return flight if you purchased a one way business class on Jetstar. Was approx $1000 return. Jetstar are on my banned list though so it didn’t tempt me


Yeah jetstar are also on my list for long flights. Domestic i can deal with them if they are much cheaper than qantas.

But they do have incredible deals.


Jetstar are on my banned list for any flight.
Through work we have to fly Qantas but on flights we pay for I would say 90% of domestic flights are with Virgin. Things like free economy X seats as a Platinum and better meals in business class has made the decision pretty easy.


Great! For a long time, I have loved to go to Iran. But two notes of caution:

  1. Are you planning to go to the US in the next few years? Expect grief at immigration points. Google it. If they can do it to Mem Fox and UN ambassadors, they can do it to you.

  2. Be very careful with your visa application. They lost my passport despite being sent with a return postpaid registered mail envelope. When we called the Embassy they provided no help at all and said they never signed it. It had still not been returned when I had to leave, so I had to make a special trip and pay through the nose for an emergency passport for the flight out the next day. So I only made it to the UAE on that trip and had to cancel Iran. I later found out that “lost” AUS passports were worth some money on the black market,


Interesting. I may try them if they do status matches.


I haven’t had any issues with Jetstar, but I also go in with limited expectations. You get what you pay for, and for $320 return CNS -> Tokyo I’m not gonna complain too much.

I’ve enjoyed flying with Jetstar more than I’ve enjoyed flying with Cathay Pacific.


Yeah I know plenty of people who love Jetstar but after about half a dozen bad experiences and cancelled flights I’ve given up on them.


Yeah Jetstar nearly ruined my wedding when they changed the flights for my wife’s family to the day after the wedding, and didn’t inform us. I checked it two weeks prior by chance and was shocked to see the change, called them and they told me the flight I’d booked was full so they’d moved them to three days later. I’d bought tickets, selected seating months and months prior. I basically had to plead to get some dude to change it back to the flights they’d sold me. Thankfully they did. Fark them.


Thanks A-T for your observations.

The USA is in no way on my travel radar - no wish to be gunned down by some red-neck in-bred gun toting Trump loving hillbilly, or ethnic gang banging criminal, or NRA member exercising their constitutional rights!!
I prefer safer countries.

Also, get get a future Visa to the USA after Iran I understand that I’d need to attend an interview - which probably means a CIA water-boarding.

My travel agent specialises in tours in Iran, so in them I trust re the Visa.


I just booked a trip on a tour in China yesterday. I wasn’t particularly looking to go to China or on a tour but the deal is amazing - 7 days including Beijing, Xi’an and the Great Wall for $699, including return international flights, 1 internal flight, all hotels and transfers.

Best of all I don’t get to miss a game in Melbourne, just the game in Sydney on May 10.

They also have an 8 day trip cruising the Yangtze river for 2 people at $1999 including return flights, I may do that later in the year


My parents go on about 4-5 of those a year and love it. Once they have your money they don’t care if you want to do the day tours or just chill at your own pace. The first couple of trips they went on they did all the tours with the group but now they do their own thing. The hotels are all pretty good and throw in the flights and you have a bargain.
I’d thoroughly recommend the Yangtze River cruise if you ever get the chance, absolutely amazing. My wife keeps pestering me to book another trip to China but we will have to see how the calendar pans out


Got a date back from my brother yesterday for our trip to Europe for his wedding - September 21! Downside is I miss our finals campaign and first premiership for 19 years :frowning:

So we can begin planning our trip, locations. While doing this is our first step booking the return flight to Europe?? And if so, any tips? Do I wait for some special to London? Flight Centre were doing specials this weekend in August and October and NOT September when we are going - they obviously know the game.

How do people normally tackle planning their trips? We are looking at about 4 weeks covering England, Germany and Italy and … maybe somewhere else :smile:


Maybe look at prices for each hub - London, Frankfurt, Rome - seeing as how you’re keen to visit all of these countries. Get a good deal for one of those and it can be your entry and exit point. Then use budget airlines to get between countries, which will allow you flexibility when setting up your schedule.

You probably wanna think about wedding clothes too - wearing a nice suit once but lugging it around in your case trying not to crush it for a whole trip would be a drag!


Open jaw tickets can be same price or cheaper. Fly into say London and then out of Frankfurt, Rome etc to save backtracking. The UK has the highest departure taxes so try to avoid flying out of the UK. Use LCC’s for internal European flights and don’t try to cram too much into your time. Pick a couple of spots and spend some decent time in each


Yes we’re really looking forward to it. I’m now trying to piggyback the Yangtze river cruise on the back of the first tour rather than making 2 trips. But all of it looks amazing