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It’s a remarkable story. Pitt-Rivers (not his original name but taken on via marriage) unexpectedly inherited a fortune so started spending it on his interests. These included history - he started digging up historic sites on his properties, then realised this had to be done systematically. This was the foundation of archeology. The museum contains the artefacts he found as well as those he bought from collectors all around the world.

It is really overwhelming - the museum is literally packed with exhibits. There is just too much to see and take in on one visit.


Just arrived in Sydney and will head down to my parents for a few days and hopefully get a day or two in at Persisher. Only a short visit as they are back off to China again next week for a month


Paid for the flights today to and from LA for next March’s Panama cruise.

Now have to organise 2 days in LA (too old for Disneyland and Hollywood holds no attractions) so will probably do a bit of Bosch downtown exploration and Mariachi Plaza, and out to Santa Monica/Venice.

Had to rearrange the flight from Miami to LA because the original had a 2-hour connection window - bit tight considering you probably have to change terminals and go through immigration.


Were the flights on the same ticket with the same PNR?
If so you would be protected in case of an issue with a connecting flight


Just landed in moltacino, 3hr drive from Rome airport.
Beautiful town so far


Same airline reference. I’m not sure what you mean. They wouldn’t hold up the LAX-SYD flight if the other flight was held up.

Not really an issue anyway. We’ve got two and a half days in Miami.


I would always choose a longer connection time aswell but if it was unavoidable you have the safety net if it’s on the same PNR. If for some reason your inbound flight is held up it’s up to the airline to to cover the cost of putting you on the next flight or putting you up in a hotel. If you book it as two seperate flights for example and something goes wrong you will be up for any costs associated with cancellations etc. I see far too many people get stung by this unfortunately


I try for longer than two hour connentions. I’m happy to spin my wheels for a few hours knowing I am there. It’s not just the time to move through security/immigration once you are there, but flights seem to be more delayed these days. Just a gut feel based on those I’ve been on. So even a 30-45 min delay can make it a stressful connection. Plus the time it can take to exit the plane. Especially with people taking so much luggage onboard. And people walk so slow and some have to walk together 4 across!!!


I’ve had two close calls - back in the 80s - one of which we had to walk some distance on the exterior of the terminal at LAX to get a connecting flight to Melbourne via Auckland.

There was another American flight halfway between but the extra cost was ludicrous- $3,000 vs $500. The agent said he could have reduced it, but not down to the $500 because the cheaper seats via the Qantas sale had been snapped up.


Too many Seppos in Tuscany. And they are all the same types too, WASPs or Methodists.

Couple nice ones but that’s about it.


Oh, and never ever do Tuscany without a car, absolutely beautiful region.


So just got back this morning. I did Seattle to LAX (American) and then QANTAS to Melbourne.

The good news is that the new connection from Terminal 4 to Bradley (international) is now operational and it means you not go through customs or security anymore. You stay airside and it’s a breeze. Just follow the signs to Terminal B. As the blurb from the QANTAS magazine says you head to Gate 41 and it’s off to the left. I flew into a satellite terminal 5 from Seattle so got bused to the main terminal 5 and it was still and easy matter of just following the signs and walking to terminal 4.
Obviously the connection time is still dependent on your flight arriving from Miami without a big delay.

As for Bradley, it’s new and looks like it has lots of good places to hang out. I stayed in the QANTAS business lounge. It’s fine for seating. If you want a drink there’s an impressive bar. Food wise it’s average for selection, regardless if you are omnivore or herbivore. Emirates is way ahead from my limited experience. The Emirates Rome lounge is outstanding. Food wise it’s equivalent to eating at a very good quality Italian trattoria.


Please tell me Qantas have upgraded their whole fleet of A380’s now and they don’t have the horrible droopy beds


As I turn right on the vast majority of my flights I’m not the one to ask.


Should’ve turned right at Albuquerque.


Cathay Pacific business looks a bit squashy, more squashy than Qantas anyway.


La-de-fkn-dah, you lot whingeing about your fkn business class seats… :stuck_out_tongue:


The worst Cathay business seats are better than the best Qantas business seats. Qantas is in the process of overhauling all thei business class seats though. They are still one of the most expensive carriers though unfortunately


That’s good to know. I’m flying back business on Cathay. Walking through there on the fly into Europe it seemed smaller than Qantas, glad it’s not. May have just been the plane (A330)


I now only use Air NZ to go to USA. Cheapest Business Class seats if you chose the correct days to fly. Plane are Boeing 777 with lie flat bed and service beats Qantas by a very long way, not as though that is very hard these days.

We just booked for Houston in Sept at $4,250 return in Business. QANTAS was nearly $10,000 and United was about $7,000. And the Air NZ flights are quicker and less hassle going to and from Auckland direct to Houston, which is an excellent hub to fly anywhere in USA.