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Yep. Plenty of people I know are rusted on QF passengers and won’t change no matter how much they are stuffed around or the price. A real pity because they were once a brilliant airline. As you said Air NZ offer better service and times and China Airlines is another who often have $4000 fares to the US or Europe in very modern and comfortable aircraft. Plenty of bargains out there if you are flexible.


The worst Cathay business seats are the 2-2-2 configuration on their A330 or the 2-3-2 on their 777. They should mostly be phased out for long haul and the 1-2-1 reverse herringbone seating is great. You should be able to see which setup you have


Took the niece and nephew to Selwyn this morning for a bit of tobogganing and boarding. Was fairly quite there and I went for a ski and the little buggers flew past me on their boards. Really wished I had learnt properly as a kid :slightly_frowning_face:


I used to be one of those, but now that Qantas only go to London first when going to Europe and have sent a heap of their maintenance to 3rd world countries I’ve moved away from them.


Yep, just wait until project sunrise is unleashed and you are stuck on the nightmare which is Qantas’ Dreamliner for 17+ hours


Last four trip Melbourne to hong Kong on Cathay were all 1-2-1 on a330s though will be replaced with 777s and a350s. 350s very nice plane. Nice humidity inside!


Air NZ’s business is pretty good as is their service. I do prefer Virgin’s the business to LA for comfort though. Easily the best seat I have experienced although I’ve never flown Cathay business so cannot offer that comparison.


Virgin are top 5 for most comfortable seats in business class IMO. I rate them better than Cathay.


I am curious as to who else is in your top 5. I expect your experience is more diverse than mine.


Do you mean you haven’t wrecked it yet?


I disagree with that. Much more space with the Qantas seats. I don’t know what you mean by droopy beds though. The ones that were not quite lay-flat were phased out over 10 years ago.


The Qantas 787 has a horrible business seat. The A380’s seating due to their age started to sag and droop but they are being retrofitted currently and will be a year or so before all are finished. The Qantas A330 is not a bad product especially the newer seating. Whilst QF has a touch more space than Cathay I find their seats not as good and for me sleep is the most important thing long haul. Service and quality of food is miles better on CX


Everyone is different but a comfortable seat/bed is my number 1 priority.
My top 5
1- Qatar QSuites
2- Oman Air 787
3-China Airlines A350
4-Virgin Australia A330
5-Etihad 787 and A380


It is 1-2-1 setup and it is very good


@Bacchusfox @Aceman @AD_Don and others who use Air NZ…

Whatever happened to this? I was hoping to use some QFF points on Air NZ flights, but they are nowhere to be seen.

“Tickets for the codeshare services will be available by the end of July 2018, for travel from 28 October 2018.”


Any recommendations for Warsaw and Krakow?


Eat pierogis…plenty of pierogis.

We stayed in the Warsaw old town. It’s been rebuilt to pre-WW2 days.


Can’t use QF points for Air NZ flights. Can earn QF points and SC’s on certain NZ domestic routes as part of the codeshare deal but that’s about it.


What interests do you have?


Krakow has lots to see in the old town area. Also worth doing the day trip to Auschwitz (Oswciem? in Polish). Very sobering experience but memorable.