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Wawel Castle is worth a look in Krakow as is the old town, especially the main square area.
Wieliczka Salt Mine is close to town also.
Auschwitz is quite confronting but something that should be experienced (imo) by anyone who gets the chance.


Sightseeing and food. Doing a lot of the jewish ghetto tomorrow and already planned for Auschwitz at Krakow.


I’m heading off on Friday to Paris on Vietnam Airlines, business class via Vietnam on A350s for $4573 return. I haven’t flown with them before but Airline Ratings gives them 7 stars. On the other hand the customer reviews are mixed and it seems they’re a lot better on international flights than domestic. Fingers crossed.


Not a bad price and I don’t mind their product. Service can be hit or miss but their staff are friendly and will try hard they just can sometimes muck up orders. Food and beverages are ok but entertainment is fairly poor IMO but I’ve found enough to keep me occupied. Seat and bed quite comfortable on the newer configuration but a bit average on the older configuration. They are known to often sub their aircraft at short notice so it becomes a bit of a gamble. If they sub to their 787 that’s not a bad aircraft and has the same seating as their new A350. If however they sub to the older A350 it’s a downgrade seating wise and definitely try to get a true window seat on the older configuration. Lounges can be very hit or miss and in MEL you will be sent to the Qantas lounge which is average IMO. Hopefully you have a good FF program to credit all those miles


Plenty of bars and cafes in both and Krakow is still very cheap despite the large boom in tourism. Too late for Warsaw recommendations as you would be there by now but the old city and Jewish quarter of Krakow have plenty of sight an cool eateries. Head to the top of Kosciusko for good views. Beautiful old architecture of which St Joseph’s church is one of the best. I’d highly recommend heading out to the Wieliczka Salt Mine as it will absolutely blow your mind IMO. Very easy to walk around city with sights around every corner


as others have said, be prepared that Auschwitz is a real-life horror story, and it is very confronting. I had trouble sleeping for many days after.

The first Mrs Fox was born in Oz of Polish parents and we travelled to Krakow a few times to visit relatives, before and after the Soviet bloc fell… Nice place then, but much nicer now with lots to see, but don’t getting into any drinking sessions with Poles as they have been on the hard stuff from the cradle and can sure put it away.


Schindler’s factory is in Krakow too.


No it hasn’t:


Well, they tried.

After the Germans left after killing most of the Polish resistance, the Russians sat across the river watching, then came in and killed the rest of the Poles. They said the population of Warsaw was less than 1,000 at war’s end. No Jews of course - the Germans cleaned them out before starting on the Poles. Warsaw Ghetto and the site of the Warsaw Uprising are worth having a look at. I think we really skirted around those sites. And the Russians wiped out as many of the Polish military as they could in Katyn Forest in 1940, then blamed the Nazis for it.


My first Father-In-Law was an officer in the Polish Cavalery and amongst those who charged the Panzers as they rolled in Poland on his horse with a sabre in one hand and a carbine in the other .

He was clever enough to change uniforms with a dead soldier as any Officers captured by the Huns were immediately shot. He spent the whole war in a German work camp and when “liberated” by the Russians in 1945 was discovered as an Officer and sent to a Siberian camp until 1949.

He escaped and got to Italy and on to a boat for Canada, except it actually went to Melbourne. He met his wife to be on the boat.

He actually hated the Soviets more than Nazis. He had thought all his family in Poland were dead, but Mrs Fox the First (his daughter) and I went to Krakow in 1975, found he had a brother alive, who led us to his Mother, who had survived as well. We bought them to Melbourne and the reunion was amazing. They stayed three months, the Brothers worked along side each other in a factory in Yarraville and the Polish one returned with a lot of cash to Poland, purchased two taxis and made a fortune running a black market taxi business. Drinking vodka with them was very dangerous.


My cousin’s father-in-law preferred to fight with the Germans than the Russians. He was from Byelorussia (Belarus). They knew Stalin and hated him with a passion.


Thanks heaps for the recommendations. Last night we ate

And also

Enjoying warsaw so far.

And for the rebuild, they spent heaps in the 70s and 80s trying to replicate it. Personally, I reckon they did a pretty good job.

But man, things aren’t as cheap here as I thought they would be.


Things should be a bit cheaper away from Warsaw. Most of the Eastern European countries are similar with their main cities. We found Budapest more expensive than previous visits but head an hour outside the city and prices drop quite a bit


What’s with the weather down there you Melbourne jerks!
Sitting at Canberra airport and our flight back MEL has been delayed by close to 2 hours and we are now going to miss our connection back home. Hopefully some resolution soon or a free night in Canberra coming up


If they’re blaming Melbourne they’re lying. A tad grey but overall a very pleasant midwinter day.


Adelaide is that boring even the airlines won’t go direct there from Canberra?

Radar says nothing but a few showers. Are you flying with Tiger or Jetstar?


Just logged on to works database and the Sydney fog this morning caused chaos and a stack of diversions to MEL and now MEL is under the pump trying to clear the backlog. Nearly everything to or from MEL this evening is late


Virgin. The direct CBR-ADL flight didn’t suit us time wise so we chose the earlier CBR-MEL-ADL flight. As a platinum Virgin member they have just switched us on to the direct CBR-ADL flight and found 2 business seats for us


Fark Sydney and their typically rubbish weather.



For my typically irrelevant comment, it’s been raining since noon in the south-west. Pretty much stopped now though.