Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


I didn’t watch the game today.

But tbh im glad I didn’t.

Parnell shouldn’t be umpiring Essendon matches. If he does, I don’t think I’m going to watch it. He ruins matches. It’s bad enough to watch AFL at the best of time, with any other umpire.

But I simply can’t cop another match of this f*ckwit Parnell.


Clearly not following the AFL ethos of late which is to let the game go and avoid so much stop start

The amount of frees was fkn ridiculous


Pannell is obviously working under instruction because no one can be that ■■■■ at tgeitr job and still have it.

And don’t give me this ■■■■ “umpiring is hard”. You know what else is hard? Playing football yet we demand our players to hit every single target so surely these ■■■■■ can get a decision right


Me and a couple of mates had a crack at him as he was walking off, questioning if he should be paid for today. He smirked at us. I also offered Tomahawk some advice in the last qtr, that he needs to get his free kicks closer to goal. The Geelong supporters were not appreciative. And my final moment of the day, when Stringer kicked the banana, we yelled out “the Package” and he smiled at us.


I can’t imagine he is that bad for Non-Essendon matches.

Let’s be honest, it’s beyond a coincidence that he f*cks over Essendon time & time again.
Clearly he doesn’t have the balls to let the AFL know that he can’t be proffesional to enough to call EFC matches down the line.


I don’t care if we get the rub or not, 71 frees is way WAY WAY to over umpired. It’s akin to a free every 2 minutes of game play. I’d rather miss a heap and let the game go then pay every single half decision every minute of the game.




My oldies are Cat’s fans and even they hate it when he umpires their games. He’s just a ■■■■ cump.


I find this cathartic after today.

In fact, I’ll probably rewatch it after every game he umpires us.


We got the rub of the green in the last Leigh Fisher must have felt sorry for his old mate BJ


I remember being at that game and Essendon fans booing as he was stretchered off. Some might say he was umpiring against us that night.


Perhaps the AFL’s 10 dumb ideas of the week this week could include a hard cap on free kicks? Like once you hit 60 maybe there’s no more for the game.


Can you sight an overseas example to give it cred? Gills on it if you can…


Just need to have the mantra is it a clear and blatant free. If there is any second guessing just call play on.

It is why finals football is far better than regular season, the umpires usually let the game go.


Blind Freddie could have done a better job umpiring the game today.


I guess we need a frame of reference to enjoy “finals umpiring”.


Finals footy is most likely better umpired because they’re too frightened to make a frivolous decision in the event that a) it directly impacts a team’s season and b) probably more important for them, they don’t get a gig for the rest of the finals. Open slather during the season however.


And the worst half of the umpires don’t get a gig.


I saw a lot of Geelong players playing for head high contact, ( mostly Selwood of course but that is to be expected, he is the Brownlow Ducking Medalist most years ) Its not bending over to get the ground ball, OK, , but bending over/sagging when about to be tackled. The umpires paid it everytime. I understood that was play on. Was I seeing things ? Does it account for the massive free kick differential? At least in part. IMO


All this talk of corruption and umpiring conspiracies, I don’t know what to believe.

I do however believe it’s in Troy Pannell’s best interests that he never encounters @westozziebomber in public