Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


What a disgrace!!! Its to the stage where I wont be watching the game if he is umpiring it.


Yep. Had one of those dreams last night where I was playing and just went low and hard at him. He of course did his little half fall half turn lead with the head move. My shoulder caught his head front on and the bloke left the field on a stretcher never to play again.

The majority of the dream was about how I responded to the media with “if the cheating ■■■■ wants to duck and it means he can never play the game again… it’s his fault”.

As you may have guessed, Selwood is my most hated player. I think he is a cheat.


Geelong player picks up ball and gets tackled and drops it= play on.

Geelong player picks up ball and throws it to another Geelong player= play on.

Essendon player does any of these things or even doesn’t do it= free kick Geelong.


Could be signaled by a mime artist in a red & white striped cat suit on a unicycle.


I think the only thing to stop the duck is going to be the unfortunate event of some pelican getting his neck broken. Then maybe it stops


Are their any stats available on which umpire calls the frees during games?


I couldn’t even find the stats on which players received them. The Afl app has a LOT of other stats, and to leave out free kicks is a bit sus.


I garunteed that if there was such stat, the AFL will put an end to it very quickly.


It would easy to do (if anybody had the time) a statistical analysis on his free kick count against ess vs other teams. And the data avail would probably give a high confidence level if he was which would prove the theory that these two screw us over.


Maybe not to that extreme, but a few old fashioned coat hangers when they drop at the knees might encourage them to stop. If you are going to concede a free, concede it hard.


Already done.
Refer you to my post of August last year.
Very quickly;
There is a statistical bias against us when Pannell is umpiring.
Not when Fisher is umpiring.
Etc etc.

Until a reporter has the guts to ask the AFL based on stats, I’ll go back to me tin foil hat.


If he is judging Essendon unfairly compared to other teams, I hope, and would expect, that EFC are collecting their own data on Pannell and taking it to the afl. If he is exhibiting a bias against Essendon it should be easy to prove. Wouldn’t that come under the banner of ‘match fixing’?


This is the guy (Pannell) who first came to my attention when he rigged the swans game a few years back and called a free against Stanton in the dying seconds to hand them the game.

He has been unbelievably biased ever since. Someone should do the maths on the free kick discrepancy when he umpires our games.


The issue with criticising the umpiring is, no matter the evidence (overwhelmingly), you are dismissed and labelled a whinger.

If you display the numbers and statistics; their come back is, ‘well the stats are going to be one way or the other’.

If you point to a howler or number of howlers that the umpire made; the excuse is ‘it was just a bad day’, or they make up some bullsh*t about it’s a correct decision… technically.

If you say that the particular umpire is biased against or for a particular club; they just say that every supporter group has conspiracies that their club gets it tough.

You just need to look at West Coast or Fremantle in WA. My mates who are WC supporters reckon that it always called fairly at WA, but they get murdered by umpires when they play in Victoria.


Like I said… If he is that biased it should be easy to put a case to the afl. It is a very serious accusation.
I must admit, I haven’t followed it closely enough to have any idea about the fairness or not of any particular umpire… overall though, umpiring decisions has to be the most frustrating things about watching football.


There are bad umpires and then there’s Pannell. He’s just corrupt.


Hmmm there is a precedent of Essendon calling out an umpire. It did not go down well.

Yet the angry dwarf at Hawthorn can go to town on umpires whenever he wants. Even though freekick Hawthorn is real.


What was the t test confidence level?


3 votes McKenna for the 50 for letting parnell know he’s a ■■■■■■■ hack, even the commentators called it a handball


By the end of last season, I just accepted that we were playing against an opposition and a team of umpires.

TBH we need to just accept it and be better than the opposition by 5-6 goals and we might come away with a 6 point win each week.

I hate Parnell. I don’t think it gets much clearer that his intention is to put us out of our misery. As I said I won’t watch the games he’ll umpire, but for the rest of the umpires we simply need to be better than them and the opposition. We need accept that we will cop the rough end of the stick every match.