Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


The umpiring exhibition yesterday with 71 frees, re-emphasises why the 70’s were a frustrating decade - You could get up to 100 frees, and sometimes in a game in that decade, which made it a stop start game.




AFL Site , match centre, go down to the full time stats tab. Each players frees for and against are tabulated. Selwood 8 for 0 agaiznst. Ambrose 6 against , Hawkins 4 against.


Ok, doesn’t appear to be in the phone app.

8 to Selwood seems about the norm


Selwood averages 3 per game over his career. Maximum over his AFL game career is 7

I see it slightly differently. 8 in a game means he was caught with the ball more often. Our mids were applying the heat to him.


Panell is a deadset crook.


I get frustrated with decisions that don’t make sense. And that’s poor decisions to either side, because if the umpiring is crap then it’s going to make it a frustrating game for everyone. But watching a game through the umpires, by watching the decisions and not the game, will drive you mad. It’s difficult but I really try to avoid doing that.


Paying a “holding the man” free TO a player who should have had a “dropping the ball [like a hot spud]” AGAINST him, is not just a poor decision, it is one that illustrates a) the maggots are corrupt; and b) they are taking the piss) because they know nothing will ever be done about it. (At least while we are the club penalised).


Im like a broken record saying this but ■■■■ it. The dropping the ball frees will not be paid correcttly until the interpretation of “knocked out in the tackle” is gone


That’s not an interpretation, it’s a law of the game. They don’t apply it consistently, of course.


or the new rule I that was heard over the coverage on sunday…he tried…yes one of the umpires said that then play on!


Again, long-term law and not interpretation. If you haven’t had opportunity then a genuine attempt to legally dispose is sufficient.

I’m not disagreeing that a lot of what they do is random and/or antithetical to the spirit of the game. And then there are the ones where they’re just plain wrong: e.g. the one where our player got tunnelled and instead got pinged for kicking in danger/high contact.


I cannot see any reason why EFC cannot officially request that Pannell never umpires a Bomber game.

If we really believe that his judgement is anti-Bomber then why not. In Law there are many precedents, and Judges are sometimes excused from Court appearances if they have been accused of bias in any form.

He is just a very poor umpire and I have wondered for years why he get a game.

should just let the Captains umpire; in Geelongs case already Selwood umpires most games.


“He tried” used to be said a lot by umps. Gone out of vogue, but I heard an the last 2 weeks on radio someone from the ump department say that if there is no prior and a genuine attempt to dispose they won’t pay against for incorrect disposal. Back to the old interpretation it sounds like. Pretty sure also said knocked out in the tackle only worked with no prior.

I’ve wanted to know why a drop kick (which could score a gf winning goal) is considered incorrect disposal if you are tackled. Just don’t get it…


Nup. He has f*cked us over far too many times, to be considered ‘just a bad umpire’.

Every single time he has f*cked us over. Never the opposition, never square ups.

Well… No square ups until the match is in dead time.


15.2.3 Holding the Football – Prior Opportunity/No Prior Opportunity
(a) Where the field Umpire is satisfied that a Player in possession of the football:
(i) has had a prior opportunity to dispose of the football, the field Umpire shall award a Free Kick against that Player
if the Player does not Correctly Dispose of the football immediately when they are Correctly Tackled;
(ii) has not had a prior opportunity to dispose of the football, the field Umpire shall award a Free Kick against that Player if, upon being Correctly Tackled, the Player does not Correctly Dispose or genuinely attempt to Correctly Dispose of the football after being given a reasonable opportunity to do so;

It’s been that exact wording since at least 2011. Just try to ignore how they’ve explicitly contradicted that rule in various ways (e.g. a drop kick is not a legal way to dispose when being tackled).


I went into the exercise below expecting it wouldn’t show anything new, and I was mostly correct.

Last five years of our games, including finals. Tagged as neutral, away or home games (by state, not by ground). Umpires and frees for/against and scores for/against recorded.

Broad results:

  • The team that wins the premiership is the most successful against us, free-wise, by a long way. They’ve had 107 frees against us, we’ve had 74 against them. The overall link between team ranking and frees success was weak though. This one has been analysed to death elsewhere; I only mention it because of that standout oddity.
  • Looking at our stats year-to-year illustrates how frees don’t necessarily correspond with success. We’re 1938 for and 1951 against across the five years, so basically a draw. 2016 we scored 61% of our opponents, but got 109% of their frees because we were dealt with harshly for being druggies. 2013 we score 107% and get 95% of the frees, because we were druggies.
  • Versus individual teams, there’s really one thing that stands out: Western Australian bias. 101 frees for, 150 against.
  • R-squared, there is only a 2% correspondence between difference in frees and difference in scores for individual games.

OK, the individual umpires!

  • Entering the data just went to prove there were a lot of umps with long careers I had no idea existed (Chris Kamolins, anyone?). I reckon that means they were doing their job properly.
  • 43 umps, 343 appearances. They ranged from Fisher (16 times) to four one-offs.
  • The grand champ of screwing us over is Chris Deboy. Who? Yeah, I agree. Over six games he and his partners gave us an average of 5.2 less frees.
  • Of the more regular culprits, Dean Margetts has us down 3.1 per game.
  • Pannell and Fisher like us :thinking: — up 1.3 and 0.8 respectively.
  • Ryan (the Ben version) is The Best. 201 frees for, 150 against, an average gap of 5.4 in our favour across his 9 games.
  • Chamberlain is -0.5, but while he’s equal second for the number of games over the past five years, he’s basically disappeared in the last two years.
  • In the end these stats are kinda useless. They’re by game, not by umpire, and they don’t tell us what they didn’t pay and whether they got it right. You can only really tell by watching them.


One stat which would put all those stats to misery, is areas on the ground the frees are given for and against.

I remember one game the Parnell umpires last season which he gave away 8 free kicks against us in goal kicking distance.
Then in dead time would be blowing the whistle for our free kicks on the half back line.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty suss with Free Kick stats. IMO they tampered for an agenda. There is a number of games where there has been a huge disparity at 3/4 time, then nearly even tally at the final whistle.


The blatant cheating by Pannell is awful, the stupid smirk that he constantly has on his face just makes it so much worse