Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


All about where the frees are paid. DJR any chance of getting the stats on goals from free kicks? We seem to get screwed when it comes to this.


Pannell should have been swallowed. He couldn’t make it any more obvious he dislikes us. I have hated him from the start.


Harden up people.


I choose to believe the Umpires are always against us.

Its part of my internal dialogue.


Only thing that annoys me more than Pannell is people on Blitz calling him Parnell


He deserves much worse names than either of those.


Anyone know any good Pannell-beaters?


I still remember that game out at Homebush in 2011 where he single-handedly brought Sydney back from a 5-goal half-time deficit…and then refused to give Stanton the most blatant free-kick in the history of blatant free-kicks when Mattner pushed him fair in the back in the last minute.

Nicholls used to be putrid too, but at least he improved to being three-quarters decent, but Pannell is a deadset Karmichael Hunt.


So, what if Pannell/Fischer are selected to “officiate” on Friday night.
Conspiracy, or just coincidence?


I’ll take it as proof the Awful has a contra deal with alcohol companies.
Expect consumption to soar, and I’ll be doing my bit to bost their profits.


What the analysis does not show is the frees than could have been paid and were not, looks like the raw numbers come out abut even. Where and when frees are paid or not paid seems to make a difference when viewing the games.



the worst single game of umpiring by one ump I’ve ever seen was the game we kicked 195 against Gold Coast.
Nicholls managed to pull 5 free kicks to Josh Toy (he ended up with 8) - all absolute bullshit. And he ignored 2 or 3 where he was stone cold caught. Most of the game he was matched up on Kyle Reimers, who kicked 8 goals. Gold Coast ended up ahead on the free kick count, which tells you a fair bit.


Who was the umpire(s) who didn’t call holding the ball against Gus when we beat Port at FP in 2013/14? Running into goal, took 3-4 steps so plenty of opportunity then gets caught by Baggs red handed - PLAY ON & they kick a goal to put them in front with a minute or so to go. I farking lost my mind when that happened. I had to walk out of the room screaming internally that nothing short of corruption could explain that not being called.


Rosebury B Harris D McInerney S


I think it was an umpire I dislike, and since I don’t remember Harris, I assume it was McInerney.

And it put them within a goal, rather than in front. Pretty sure we held on.


Ah yes, i thought we replied to take the lead back but you are right it put them within 2 points & we held them out. Would have loved to have been there!


Blitz needs to get over this umpire bashing. You can’t blame the umpires for poor umpiring!


We are not blaming them for poor umpiring.

We are blaming them for corrupt umpiring.


It’s only corruption if you are caught…Just ask the AFL!


Just bumping the thread so it will be easier to find come tomorrow night