Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


The protected area rule is absolute garbage and I am not looking fwd to Pannells interpretation of it in our game


Please tell me Pannell is not umpiring tomorrow night


Interpretation is easy - it will ge called every time the Crows need to be bought back into the game


Pannel is not umpiring tomorrow night

*may be incorrect


On the bright side, at least it gets one of Pannel’s 8 games with us out of the way early.


That is correct.

Pannell will actually be “umpiring”.


So… he’ll be there on the field but what he’ll be doing can’t be called “umpiring”?


Pannell, Chamberlain, O’Gorman are the nominated ones for tomorrow night.


Oh ffs. I hate that ■■■ wipe.




The first FFS of the season!



I’m calling it now.

Pannell will F U C K us over tomorrow night.


I’m going to unload the biggest verbal spray on here on pannell tomorrow night. I can see it


When You look at the team of umpires and think Chamberlain is the best one of the trio, you know your in trouble.


■■■■■■■ Pannell and Chamberlin

Always ■■■■ us over with BS frees


Would I be considered a bad person for wishing a heart attack and brain aneurysm on other persons?


Heart attack is ok, Stroke is acceptable but poor form, Cancer is forbidden.

Except if you are talking about Maggots with legs, then all are fine.


Iis it just me, or do ee get a disproportionate amount of games umpires by pannell?


I wouldn’t think so. It’s just that they are all so memorable.


Why these two. On the first game of the year?