Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Razor just likes attention - I don’t think he is a huge factor (for or) against us.

Pannell is a cheat.


I certainly don’t want to see a replica of the JLT game against Geelong, where we were crucified for every iffy decision, yet play on for Geelong, nothing to see here!


Then I think best you don’t watch.
By half time tonight we will be fund raising to hire a hit.


I think we should boo Pannell all the time, that worked out great last time we did it


Yeah, I know. I’m going and I’ve packed my headphones to listen to music if I start feeling angry and frustrated.
I’m likely to hear quite a few tracks I’m guessing.


I find rushing the playing field during the game tends to have a calming affect. Maybe try that


Can someone please mow their lawns today?

Or maybe walk their dogs?


How about a standing ovation when he walks out tonight?


Lots of 50s coming the Crows way anybody


I was actually pretty pleased to see Parnell allocated to this game. Then again I do have a lazy pineapple riding on the Crows at 43+ points.


@DJR over to you


Yep, he got knocked out by all the booing.


The game he got knocked out was literally the worst umpiring I’ve ever seen.

I was sitting in the EFC members and people starting throwing bottles and beer cups on the ground.

The final straw was Hurley getting layed out with a hip and shoulder with his head over the football. Didn’t get a free kick, ended up being a Sydney goal.

Hurley gets carried off the ground concussed.

The commentators were saying there was nothing in it because he didn’t turn his body to the side, so he’d get contact side on.

Pathetic. I’m furious thinking about it.


Yeah, I lost the link to the original.


I remember that debacle vividly.

I reckon his bias towards us got even worse after that


That was one of the most horrendous non calls I have ever seen. I can still clearly picture it, I was stunned a bloke could have his head removed and no free paid. Bags copped a couple of really rough frees against just before it to fire the crowd up.

Pannell is either a cheat or completely incompetent.


He’s a competent cheat.


Will be interesting to see whether the Crows name Pannell and Chamberlain on their actual team sheet before the game.


Think you mean wipe(s)


Patrick Keane has put out a statement that the umpires last night made correct decisions.

He’s Also written up tonight’s statement, ready to be released.