Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Ummm… his statement also noted that they made some incorrect ones


If these ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ decide the game, I’ll say I can’t watch it any more, I’m done, but then front up again next week, to be fked over in WA. Why do I look forward to watching Essendon so much Mr. Freud?


All decisions tonight will be correct



Panel?! This is ■■■■■■.


Was in the Adelaide rooms having a laugh with Tex… we’re ■■■■■■


Significantly underselling it. He is an outstanding cheat. Best in the business.


So far umpiring has been good. Our disposal has been atrocious…I blame the umpires!


It’s not the ones he pays, it’s the ones he lets go.


I wouldn’t talk just yet


Lol thanks Troy nice 12 point turn around there


Credit where credit’s due, quite good tonight. Largely unsighted which is what you want from umpires.


Umpires including Pannell were pretty good.


Always look favourably on umpires when you win but even during the game thought they were ok. No real howlers, got a couple of lucky ones our way in the first.


I like umpires tonight


Yeah a few mistakes both ways but compared to recent history I give them 8/10.


I actually reckon Razor Ray is a pretty good umpire, except when his ego gets in the way.


Thought we got the rub of the green tonight.

Very very very very very very surprised by that.


Wow!!! People can change, good game by the umps.


I don’t really remember them after half time. But before that I remember thinking they were ball sack.