Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


Problem is he doesn’t have the time he thinks he has.


Absolutely in same boat. I had planned to be out of town this w/e, only went when those plans changed. Am planning to be away next w/e as well. Consistent fuckery by umps, and consistent inconsistency by essington is something I can do without.


If Devon and Fantasia were both fit then Bagulay definately makes way.
Our best team has smalls in Fantasia, Walla, Devon and Guelfi rotating between stints in the middle and as pressure / defensive forwards.


It’s not that they hate us or have it in for us.
But if they have tipped us to win and we let them down, they start putting the boot in. And if they tipped against us and we win, then they can’t be happy for us and just lay into our opposition. But if they tip us and we win, then we make them look good and so they start dishing out the praise.


Ugly win but that’s what good teams do.

If we play like that against the tigers we will get annihilated though.


Yes, agreed @Saucy. It was a break-out game from the boy.


That free against Redman in the square in the last was deadset the worst I have ever seen. I loved the chant that broke out after it. Can someone please explain why the ump awarded that. Surely would have to be classified as cheating by the ump?


High contact. Not saying I agree with it.


I take it you missed Rampe’s King Kong act just last week, then?


Watched the game this morning as I had friends over last night who are not into footy. Glad I didn’t watch it with them here. Swore and cursed through just about the whole match. Footy is bringing out the worst in me lately.

I know we won, but we weren’t good and lucky Freo were not good either. I feel like we lost.

The umpiring is/was pathetic.

Bring back the lash, 10 lashes for every mistake they make and then dock their pay, don’t know what they get paid but it’s way too much for incompetency.


Joe and Josh licked 0.8 between them and that was the difference between a win and a loss.

  • Redman and Guelfi were both brilliant last night.
  • Shiel getting 2 goals was a highlight
  • Yes there were some shocking frees paid. But we had a couple of howlers go our way too (deliberate OOB, there were 2 HTBs where there was no prior, and some silly ruck infringement)
  • Indulge me while I rage on just this point only… HOW MANY DROPPED FKN MARKS. JESUS. Our game seems to rely so heavily on contested marks (which is bad) but even when we had won position we’d still fumble them.
  • Our F50 play is 10000000% better when it’s open, with only 1 or 2 in there. This was a consequence of Freo defenders pushing more than halfway up the ground. We should be making a habit of forcing teams to do this by having our tall targets play 40-ish out in transition instead of going all the way back to the pockets and asking the mids to put it high.
  • Next week, well, we’re going to get fisted, but I’ll dream for a bit. I’d like to see McKenna tried as a small forward. Redman and Saad (and Francis) do a good job of distributing it out of D50 so camp them back there, and try McKenna working in the front half of the ground.


I found last night very strange, I didn’t get excited or cheer after any of our goals till the last quarter, when Shiel broke his duck. I gave him a standing ovation.

I was very frustrated, just felt like many of our goals came from ■■■■■ play and dumb luck, whereas good bits of play went unrewarded.

We have so much to learn/work on as a team.


If we were to win dreamtime and Carlton, you would give us a shot at the finals again.


Pretty sure he called it for blocking.


Langford had 24 disposals (13 contested) at 87.5% efficiency. (I’m quoting from Saucy’s post above, but sounds about right).


The free against Redman was absolutely pathetic and I’m amazed people think it’s “high”. Know why it’s high? Because Walters turned his back and charged, front on, in a marking contest. I’m glad commentators called it out for what it is.

I’ve watched three games this week where umpiring has played a huge part in the final outcome. Something has surely got to give soon.


What was the chant ?, couldn’t quite pick it up on the telly.


“Bullshit bullshit bullshit…”


Yeah, the chant was really loud and clear on the 3AW streaming when I was listening to the match. The 3AW commentators all couldn’t believe it was a free kick. Rohan Connolly called it the worst decision he has ever seen.