Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


For someone that has been struggling with his kicking, Shiel has been kicking unbelievably well on his opposite foot, some very well weighted passes


4 points… on to next week.


Yep, those decisions really spoilt the enjoyment of the win. Glad to hear the commentators were also astounded by them & also took a dig at the AFL by saying they’re sure they’ll be ticked off as correct!
Great to see Begs back & the team joy over Shiel’s goals was fabulous.


Hope Begley’s kicking isn’t broken post injury - he was previously a lovely set-shot.


i stood and clapped with a big stupid grin and proud of it


Probably a bit rusty first game back in the seniors. Thought he did OK apart from that.


At 60-34 and with us streaming forward… it looked like it could become a pretty decent night at the office.

Ten minutes later… three free kick goals later (the last one against Langford was definitely there but the previous two left me speechless) and the mood is somewhat flat. But it beats losing.

Fremantle over the first 8 rounds of the season have had the top rated defence and conceded the least points… so the lack of scoring didn’t concern me that much. I thought our own defence played very well but the umpires took the gloss off that in the final ten minutes.

Now we look to Richmond next week. 8 losses in a row against them… not filling me with a great amount of confidence. There isn’t a team in the AFL that can our expose our weaknesses as much as them.


At the end of the day, 4 points. Still in touch. Fark Freo, Fark Umpires, fark that soap from Alidi that makes my skin itch. Joe can’t get any worse. On to next week.


I was watching at home too.

Eddie is actually pretty good towards us.


I’m finding it very hard to enjoy watching us right now, and now watching umpires pay utterly game changing free kicks right in front of goal almost makes it impossible now. They were an utter fcking disgrace and even the Freo players had no idea who’s free it was for the second free.

Stringer was magnificent, Saad is a gun, Zerrett got a heap of it, Shiel finally kicked a few, Zaka had an up game for the first time in a while, Hurley held up the defence, I liked what Langford and Parish brought (a few mistakes aside) and thought Redman is almost our best kick out of defence.

Seriously tho this game plan is rubbish and we played like rubbish for the majority. When we couldn’t run we over handballed and panicked as per usual. Daniher looked cooked, Begley was so much out of form it wasn’t funny and I’m scared to think what a good team will do to us next week.


Aren’t both Mckernan and Brown expected to be available for round 10 next week?

Stewart’s injury has been more severe than originally thought. Wasn’t it supposed to be a 2 week injury?


Daniher is embarassing to watch. Behaves like a sooky Richo and needs a reality check.


Im actually really happy with that. Pretty sure i said bet your house on ross lyon will shut our run down and turn it into a scrap

That happened, we won, few blokes found form (zaka, Merrett, francis, Hurley, shiel, guelfi) to name a few

Good, hard fought win


Sure, the Langford one was there. He was wearing our colours.

If he was wearing black and white I’ll guarantee they would have said he tried to dispose of it. Ball up.


Like the Fyfe one earlier in the game


When the commentators McGuire, Roos and Russell think Essendon were hard done by you know Essendon was absolutely reamed. Those three cannot stand the Bombers, and it shows in their commentary.

The two free kick goals in the square were a disgrace and deadset cheating, lucky Essendon hung on because there would have been a riot.


Essendon: Heppell, Langford, Shiel, Hooker, Merrett, McDonald-Tipungwuti

Best from AFL site. Stringer stunk it up apparently.


I can understand the theory about the umpires doing their best to **** us over every week…

But I just don’t buy the commentary bias. In terms of pure game commentators… I don’t think any of them ‘have it in’ for us. Special commentators? Possibly.


The game in Sydney barracked for Sydney. They often have a side, but I don’t see it a conspiracy. Just an editorial decision.


Few good passages of play but for the most part it was pretty farking average.

Shiel, Hurley and Stringer excellent across the game.

Francis workrate and effort was in stark contrast to previous weeks.

Daniher disappointing again and just failing to play the percentages and do the basics consistently.

Whatever this defensive ‘system’ is that they are going with, it’s farking useless and will see us torched by all the top sides.

Not sure if it’s skills, workrate or just poor decision making but we really seem to struggle to hold onto the ball.