TV show thread (2022-?)

Their biggest dragon is small.


Two characters remain breathing who i hope get their comeuppance.

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Just watched Welcome to Wrexham. Quite enjoyable and very well done.


The Man With 1000 Kids. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Hmph, I let that many go every day

Is this a Nick Cannon biographical?

Nope. It’s very disturbing.

All good, it was a joke :laughing:

Which I clearly didn’t get :joy:

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Finished the first series of The Bay on BINGE. Cop show set in Morecambe on the coast of North Lancashire. I think there are 5 series, mainly concentrating on missing persons.

It’s not a show designed to get people to move there.

There was a 60s/70s comedian who used to make fun of Morecambe…and I don’t think it was Eric…or Ernie Wise.

And onto the third series of Mr Inbetween. The cops seem to have no idea about about Ray, des[ite his various murders and bashings.

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Was excited for season 2 but with the announcement that Netflix has canned it I won’t waste my time.

Netflix sucks balls

Yeah just read that too. Not actually going to finish s2 now, amazing bullshitt. Was received well and apparently not shabby engagement. Happening over and over to genuinely interesting shows. No vision, just algorithm.

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I’m really annoyed with this one. In fact it’s another reason to go to the “high seas” rather than give our hard earned to these streaming companies that continually up their fees and provide less.

I can name at least half a dozen shows prematurely cancelled that were great shows.

I’m sick of these streaming companies acting like free to air commercial companies. We pay for a service, provide it you ■■■■■! Ratings shouldn’t be a thing on streamers. Shows should be allowed to breath. I have “The Bear” on my watch list for the past year knowing that it’s into its third season. I hear it’s a great show, I’ll get to it. Doesn’t mean The Bear isn’t being watched or potentially watched, thats why we stream!

Theres no excuse for Outer Ranges to be cancelled. It’s got good reviews, good ratings on rotten. Can’t be all that expensive to make and we’ve paid for it already!

You give a green light to a show, you must commit to at least have a finale. Show not doing well? Commit to a “wrap-up” episode at the bare minimum. Don’t just end it on a cliff hanger, it’s totally disrespectful to the viewer (paying customer) and the whole creative team that made the show. ■■■■ Amazon and their ■■■■■■■ commercials too.


Severance Season 2

17 Jan 2025




I will have to rewatch season 1 again.


Yes, please do. Or you’ll be sent to the break room.


Why would they spend good money on garbage…not saying this is…but they did spend nine figures on a Harry and Megan piece of excrement.

Streaming companies are commercial enterprises, not Vinnies.

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Impassioned, and on the money. The money being all it’s about in the end sadly, and obviously high quality productions often cost a lot and even when they’re successful if they’re not ‘viral’ breakthroughs they can be murdered and four inferior pieces of ■■■■ funded from their entrails. Seems like the streamers are not interested in giving fair warning though which is unforgivable. At least in the past with shows like Rome and Deadwood they had a chance, albeit rushed, to alter course and provide some resolution.

And have their money up front.

They have more to lose by ■■■■■■■ off their viewers by totally disrespecting them, than at least green lighting a finale’.

They’re not ■■■■■■■ me off…I get a better range of European films and particularly TV shows on Netflix. Can’t be bothered with so much of the stuff which the Seppos put out.