TV show thread (2022-?)

also started watching mythic quest

SO GOOD, the quarantine episode where they were on zoom calls, probably i think one of the greatest and most poignant and real episodes of television created, and an example of how we as people can take the bad things that happen to us and use it to make incredible art.

they just captured the feeling of the pandemic, the joys, the downs, all of it, and presented it to us, in a celebration of all the ways we should be proud and grateful to be human, especially in the face of a worldwide crisis, they just nailed it perfectly, cried tears of laughter and sadness for about 20 minutes from that ep

it was like therapy

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Wait until you get to the ending, it’s amazing


Dude you aint seen mothin yet


I watched the 90s show and it brought me back to being a kid watching the 70s show.
It did bother me that the lead female is 15 and they’re drinking, getting stoned and sexual stuff. Maybe I’m getting old but Id prefer hiring adults that look like teens if it comes to those themes.

I’m 4 eps in and it’s been a wild ride. This thread has me pumped for the season finale though. Can’t wait.

Down tools, stop work and watch the entire season now.

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The Last of Us episode 2 amazing


The asian actor baiscly intimidating Fez i found him cringe

Second episode of TLOU was fantastic.

One thing which was pointed out to me about the intro was the virus originally spread in a Jakarta flour mill. In the first episode Joel and Sarah come close to eating pancakes (weren’t made), biscuits (Joel makes up an excuse), cookies (raisin, not chocolate chip so Sarah wasn’t interested) and birthday cake (Joel forgets to buy it as he worked late). All foods with flour as a base. We see the old lady being fed the biscuits and she later turns.

I would not have noticed myself. Brilliant writing.


Watched infusion on Stan, Matt Nable (Mr inbetween)wrote , directed and acted in a key role. He’s very good and will win awards for this.

Also started 11.22.63, a show about a time traveller who goes back in time to prevent Kennedy assassination. Book by Stephen king and JJ Abrahams is involved. Its pretty good and a lot darker and evil than I thought it would be so far. I’m all in after 3 episodea on this one

Just finished watching the six seasons of Justified on Stan.

A few years old now but a very good show.

They’re making a new series of Justified based on Elmore Leonard’s City Primeval. The book doesn’t even have Raylan Givens, but what the heck.

Better call Saul - just binge watched season 6 …that’s it - the end !! Loved this show

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It’s bloody intense - but very good. Mando actor is superb

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That 70’s show was my favourite show when I was in my late teens. Although Channel 7 wouldn’t put it on tv until 11pm on Tuesday nights.

I absolutely loved that 90’s show. I thought the pilot was a little bit sloppy as it found it’s feet, but Topher Grace is an incredible comedic actor and hadn’t lost a beat with comedic timing. He was easily the stand out, and easily slotted back into the role. Shame they couldn’t get him to do more than one episode.

But as a teenager of the 90’s and being a teenager who watched that 70’s show…… I’m the main target audience.

I finished the season, and it hit all the nostalgia emotions.

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Only watched the first ep but do all the legacy characters come back for the whole season or just in 1 or 2 episodes?

there is a couple of appearances by Fez, Donna, Donna’s Dad & Leo…. But not really important to the story.

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Fair enough although the asian actor put me off almost like he was doing an impersonation of Fez which came across as a bit cringe

I thought that kid was hilarious.

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