Like this post and I’ll pm stream for anyone who wants it. Decent quality hopefully holds up for main card.


Wish it was on a little later.
At work.


When is the fight?


1 down of the main card, 3 more then conbib


Black Beast is my boy… but him being ranked no2 in modern ufc is fcking hilarious. Zero grappling or ground game


holy ■■■■




How late was Dean calling that?


he likes to ensure a hospital trip for each loser.


He was eating bombs to the head.


All Volkov had to do was defend another 20 seconds lol.

My son Black Beast getting that title shot now.


Lewis dropping another classic post fight interview.


He wins a lot of ‘fight of the night’ prizes. You get your money’s worth watching the BB.


Sheeeeeeeeiiiittt. Classic.

p.s. Come and smoke some weed with you, Joe. Bahahahaha.


‘imma come on your show and smoke some weed with you’


Can’t wait for that podcast.


Imagine if Reyes was behind on the cards after that finish…


I saw the earlier parts of that fight, but had a quick shower. Reyes was killing OSP at the time. How did it end?


This fight should be better than the main event


Should be a cracker.