Tony is a freak. Knee surgery 6 months ago and he his pressure was insane!


Reyes hit OVP flush in the last 3 seconds. He dropped with hands down. Reyes walks off but ref doesn’t call it. Buzzer goes 1 second later went to judges.


Ferguson is bleeding badly. Or Pettis? Both?


Pettis in massive trouble.




Bloodbath war.


Broken hand.


Three very good cards thus far. Unfortunate for Pettis then, but Ferguson was well on top at the end.


If Conor beats khabib, I want to see him vs tony F. That fight would be insane.




Tip: Conor too much class and fight IQ. Khabib has only fought jobbers other than the Ferguson and barboza fight.

KO early round 2.


Kebab and Ferguson never fought. Cursed fight… 3 pull outs.

I still got Kebab winning but I want Conor for the fuckery.


Geez Conor is heaps bigger than he was a few years baxk


Yeah, meant johnson.


Or does Conor just get wrestlefucked.


That fckn fur cap thingy ■■■■■ me. Imagine rocking up with a gutted wombat on your melon. Deserves a bashing for that.

Here we go. It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimme!

Go Conor!


someone get knocked out, i need to watch the start of the f1


Khabib is the most boring fighter of all time.
Please knock him out.




Well we have the answer.