Conor got heart but he was always going to be mauled. Should have bet on this.


Interesting 3rd round. Khabib looks gassed. Is this a rope a dope?


doesn’t look it.




WTAF? Spot fires breaking out everywhere.


I’m not watching, so what is going on?


That was seriously farked. Have never seen such a disrespectful and unprofessional end to a fight. Should be stripped. Flog.


The other guys who jumped the fence to punch Conor was worse.


Ive only seen it on twitter. Who jumped in and belted McGregor?


One of khabibs friends.


Imagine that crowd if Dana had of put that belt on that flog. Anarchy.


Here is one comment from about what started this:

Nurmagomedov responded to a taunt from the crowd by McGregor teammate Dillon Danis by jumping outside of the Octagon and beginning to throw punches.

“Total chaos,” UFC commentator Jon Anik said.

Other members of the Russian’s team jumped inside the cage and started throwing punches at McGregor. “That was disgusting,” commentator Joe Rogan said.


Why do I feel like I’ve just watched a WWF match??



What a cowardly and pathetic display that was.

If he is not stripped of his belt and suspended then the UFC is dead.

I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

He and his camp should be facing police charges for that.


Like Conor?


The ring would have been rushed and he would have had his head caved in by 10 thousand Irish fans.


You just said you didn’t see it so why not stay out of it?


Khabib’s muppet mate who jumped in the ring and clocked Conor should be charged with assault, as that is exactly what it was.


Isn’t Conor a thug too though who faced charges for thuggery? We are talking about the UFC here.


The hated Russian Vs The All (Irish)/ American boy, … and the rusky does something outrageous to get hated even more, so even though he won, the anglo guy will still get to be the USA’s (Wests) wronged Hero … sounds like the plot from GLOW.

That script works very well in these Russian hate times.

Rematch will be worth Billions.