Yeah, I tend to agree. 183-184 (his current weight) to 155 is a stretch. See how it plays out. Dana is the main obstacle, though. Hates when GSP abandons belts & changes divisions.


Check out this @Preliminary_Point2

GSP reckons Khabib is bigger than him (in the off-season) & walks around at 195. Wow!



Yeah but check out Khabibs struggle to make that weight. He’s missed a few times and gone to hospital once.

GSP ain’t going through that.


Yep agree with you on all that. I’m sure the media and wowsers will have a field day. Just not sure it impacts the sport. I think if anything it helps sell the next card he is on.


GSP wants to be a triple weight class champion. Dana always ■■■■■ on introducing 165 belt but that would get GSP back.

Move the 170 strap to 175.


I had no idea that Khabib was that big. Perhaps, they could fight at welterweight? GSP vs Woodley, GSP vs Khabib?


Even better for both fighters.


I’d say that Connor has been by far (and will continue to be until he retires) the most entertaining and popular MMA fighter of all time.

In terms of the best pound for pound fighter ever.

Has to be either Bones Jones or GSP.

Utter class the both of them.


i would love to see Khabib v Askren.


I hate the whole weight cutting bullshit. Fighters killing themselves to cut 10-20 kgs then rehydrating 10kgs right after making weight.

Need to change the system so they’re fighting closer to walk around weight.


Ok ignoring the weight issue.

I can’t see GSP coming back to face a killer, why come back to get beat up.

He allways had a ? Next to his name becuase he didn’t fight in the super fight which was Silva. He came back becuase he knew he would beat bisping. I love bisping, it was awesome seeing him beat Rockhold, but he is a journeyman. Was easy money and a win to face bisping and now he is a two division champ.

If the UFC wants it get Khabib andWoodley to fight for Woodleys belt. That’s the super fight.


I don’t think anyone would dispute Conor being the biggest draw and trash talker… but in the octagon his resume wouldn’t crack the top 10.

Also Cormier warrants a mention. Only been beaten by a drug cheat. Mighty Mouse has done a lot too even though I don’t care about midgets.


GSP had no business even fighting in that weight division. That he stepped up and absolutely smashed Bisping (after how long out of the game?) earnt my respect (even more). So, no question mark for mine.

GSP getting beaten up by Khabib? Huh? GSP isn’t a one-dimensional fighter like Conor. He is far more complex. At range, he would pick Khabib off with punches and kicks. If it goes to the mat, well, just check out his body of work there - both his wrestling and Brazilian JJ skills and how he finishes fights on the mat. GSP is all-time for mine.

Who cares? Let Khabib fight Woodley. After that, GSP vs Khabib is the fight.


I read somewhere that both fighters earned $2m for the bout?

If that’s true then the athletes are getting royally screwed.


Khabib’s purse has been withheld.



All round great fighter, and is incredibly good with tactics. Just picks the other fighter apart.


Yep. Great fighting IQ. He would put a lot of work into Khabib. He would damage him standing up (something Conor failed to do in today’s fight), wouldn’t allow Khabib to dominate him on the mat (if taken down) and could also take down and damage Khabib on the mat as well. All round tough and smart AF fighter. If Khabib walks around at 195 and cuts 40 pounds to fight naturally smaller guys, fck him. GSP walks around at 183. Let em both fight at 170-175.


That’s the fixed purse. Doesn’t include PPV and gate purses.

Conor would have gotten 20 mill easily.


GSP slimming down.


khabib pls