I heard DC v Black Beast at UFC 230 a couple days ago and thought it was a joke but that is official now.

BB is nowhere near ready for this…my son going to be obliterated. Gonna have to hope for a fluke KO.


When a blokes whole game plan is: “Knock them out in the first round and if not… Just swing until you drop.” It just ain’t gunna cut it against the cream of the crop.


The bear kicked his butt


He should be nowhere near a title after his last two performances. Easy win for DC.


@G-Unit and @Your_Team discussing UFC on blitz like it’s 2008.


Let’s go Black Beast.


About to head to the pub and settle in for the show. The Black Beast is quite a character, i’ve really warmed to him are watching the embedded and countdown shows.




Very impressive. Should have pretended to ■■■■ on the ring like he normally does.

Stoppage felt a tad premature tho.


Big KO/TKO by Souza on Weidman then.




Entertaining fight, they went ham.

Weedman been knocked out in 4 of his last 5 fights. He’s done.


Was out before hitting the canvas. Da fck was the ref doing?


Ref was daydreaming. Jacare a class act though.


Fcking joke that they let my son fight less than a month after Voltron gave him decent damage. He gon get clapped up.

Streets need that lucky punch for a Black Beast reign.


Reckon he’ll get him to the ground and often, sadly.


Spot on, CB.


Annnnnndddd entire first round on the ground.


That’s a one sided fight.


Rear naked choke