Didn’t last long, pretty poor wrestling defence from BB.


That leg sweep and ankle pick were all class. Too easy (unfortunately).


Not lacking in confidence.


Fight night Adelaide is live on channel 10


Thought I’d have to double stream boxing and UFC, cheers.


How farking tough is Shogun??? Great effort.


should be disqualified for sneaking joes sock into the octagon.


They’re called trunks for a reason.


Holloway vs Ortega today.

I’ll stick my neck out & say that I reckon T-City will win this fight (despite most experts picking Holloway).


Holloway will destroy him.


Elias is a tough hombre to survive those hits.

Clever fight in the end.


Flicking over from the shambolic cricket.

Ortega coming out to DMX X gon give it to ya.

Song goes hard in the gym.


Here we go…


T-City in massive trouble here. Max putting on a show and busting his face apart. Bloodbath.


Holloway using ortega’s face as a speedbag. Entertaining fight so far.


T-City!!! Come on!!!




Ortega came back that round, brutal fight.


How is Ortega surviving this?


I don’t think ive seen someone eat this many shots to the face.

Doc calls it.