Great heart by T-City, but correct decision to stop that. Max landed hundreds of punches on T-City’s face.


Holloway to fight the winner of tony and khabib.

If he wins that rematch against Conor, who I think is the last person to beat him.


Wow, so many shots to the face. A boxing masterclass there from Holloway. Great fight!


Holloway will destroy McGregor now. Has gone to a new level since that fight.


GSP is definitely slimming down. I reckon something is brewing & GSP vs Khabib is the fight the UFC will put together at some stage (once Khabib finishes his ban for that ridiculous circus post the Conor fight).


Volkanovski was awesome.


Lmao that was a wild brawl. Both went head hunting. Crazy to see Cyborg knocked out.

Zero defense or head movement. Insane strategy.


reminiscing about rhonda charging into holly’s foot?


I need to watch that Cyborg KO again. I feel like she ate 6+ haymakers flush and kept getting up before the 7th haymaker finally finished her.

That was some movie monster final boss ■■■■.

Also zero respect for Nunes power. Tried to walk through her.


As expected, Gus had nothing.


How good was Hall against BJ


That finishing move was perfect.


what a dumb ■■■■.


that was over quicker than the cyborg nunes fight.


Cowboy fight was nice.

Underwhelming midget fight in the main. Well done to Nick Nack I guess.


Cowboy v McGregor now on the cards, that will be a fun lead up and fight.


3 eye gouges in this fight so far.


Whittaker rushed to hospital for a hernia.


Sad that he is out. Wish him a speedy recovery.


so an incarcerated hernia apparently.